Dear Blood splattering synovial hinges, are there forbidden words???

Dear Blood splattering synovial hinges....

I decided to write this post after a few ''interesting'' comments I received as soon as I posted my comic on the gsp doing batroc in the new cap america movie.

I've always been a BE follower but I never actually signed in to post or comment till lately. The only other forum I follow is MMAshare where I have some friends and where I like to talk about mma.

And so come's the so called problem.

I sometimes open some of my posts here and there with the catch phrase ''Hi there MM'aniacs!'', just a funny distortion and fusion of two words I like to use and it seems to some that doing so here on Bloody Elbow is like walking on the wrong side of the prison block, looking in the eyes of the silverback or walking around like bruce willis did with a ''I hate Bloody Elbowers'' sign on him!

I mean, just to tell you all I know when the first comment was ''hey this is BE not mania...'' I sincerely thought he was talking about mma, an Italian site (I live in Italy) but then I realized there was a MMAmaniac here on

So there's a turf war inside SBnation? Something like we used to do when we were tough bunch kids in the same school? Do I have to learn some east coast/west coast finger crippling stuff to be a good BE'er?

I mean, are we serious? I'm ok with the fact that artwork, even if mma orientated (I'm not coming here to spam my spiderman/Marvel/Fantasy/Sci-fi shit or whatever...) isn't that appreciated here on Bloody Elbow, it's sort of a thing I'm understanding, but to see 3 comments pop up one after another only concerning the mm'aniac thing (and also getting flagged) without at least a ''bla bla...and anyways your comic/artwork sucks'' or anything at least related to my post just...just...makes no sense to me.

Long live democracy and freedom of speech, but that is sheer and pure stupidity and if others here think it that way please let me know. And by the way, if someome would have commented in a different way like ''hey, did you know mma mania is another blog here on sbnation?'' and then added a comment on my artpost, negative or positive or whatever? Ultramega fine with me, I'm cool with that but for crying out loud, since I respect the time and effort other posters here on BE put into their posts and articles I would expect the same. I don't plug a usb into my brain and download the art directly onto the hard disk. I just wanted to add something different with some visuals and some funny stuff sometimes, thats it.

Oh and if a moderater wants to gently inform me if there should be any other words that shouldn't be used in posts to arouse tough post commentating gangsta wannabees like ''fighter, junkie, couch, dog, potato or cage'' let me know please...

Yours as always, Nezart

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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