Bellator 94: Bruno Carvalho would have been a pro skateboarder if he wasn't a fighter

Bruno Carvalho, left - Photo courtesy of Bruno Carvalho's Twitter

Bellator lightweight newcomer, Bruno Carvalho, discusses training with Cristiano Marcello, beating Edson Barboza and how he would have been a pro skateboarder if not for MMA.

On March 28th, Bellator 94 will kick off in the sunshine state with a solid card featuring some fresh faces, as well as some recognizable ones. Among the new kids on the block is a Brazilian, hailing from Curitiba, and training out of Cristiano Marcello's gym. His name is Bruno Carvalho, and he'll be facing the seasoned veteran, Edson Berto, at 155 pounds.

I was recently afforded the opportunity to conduct an email interview with Bruno, via his personal translator. He discusses training with Marcello, beating Edson Barboza not once, but twice in Muay Thai matches, and how if he hadn't been an MMA fighter, his chosen career path would have been that of a professional skateboarder.

*Please note that I cleaned up the interview for readability as best I could without altering the content of his answers. If they read awkwardly, it's because I wasn't quite sure how to word them, and most likely left it as is.*

Stephie Daniels: How has it been to work with the legendary Critiano Marcello?

Bruno Carvalho: It is a great pleasure, and Cristiano is a great coach. Fusion MMA for strikers.

SD: You hold bragging rights over Edson Barboza, in that you have beaten him twice in Muay Thai matches. How do you feel about his progress in the UFC and do you think you could translate your Muay Thai wins over him into UFC wins as well?

BC: I myself do not like to boast of having won against him twice. That was in another time and I think he's an excellent athlete and has a great technique and a great staff. We are always learning in victory and in defeat. I believe the two fights I won it helped him in his professional growth.

SD: If you had to choose one discipline as the best foundation to have in MMA, which one would it be (BJJ, Muay Thai, boxing or wrestling)?

BC: I believe that the best foundation for an athlete is wrestling, because if you like to fight standing you need wrestling to keep the fight standing and if you like the ground you need to wrestling to take the fight to the ground.

SD: Do you plan to make Bellator your fighting home, or is your ultimate goal to get to the UFC?

BC: I want my career to be in Bellator. I like how they deal with the athletes and how they run the events.

SD: Is it important to you to stay at one camp or do you like to travel to other camps to pick up tips and techniques?

BC: I think very important to make an exchange in other gyms to improve my own camp.

SD: Is there a camp in the United States you would like to train at?

BC: Yes I would, and I have several friends who have academies in the United States and I intend to make a visit to them.

SD: What has been your biggest career inspiration?

BC: My greatest inspiration in Muay Thai was Ramon Dekkers and Peter Aerts. For MMA it's Jose Aldo, Wanderlei Silva and Fedor Emilianenko.

SD: If you weren't a fighter, what career path would you have chosen for you?

BC: If I was not a fighter, I would be a skateboarder, I swapped the skateboard for the fight.

You can follow Bruno via his Twitter account, @BrunoCarvalhomg

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