Glory 5 London Results and Gifs: Spong stops Bonjasky to cap off entertaining card

Glory 5 London is done, and Bloody Elbow has results and gifs from all the action, including Tyrone Spong vs. Remy Bonjasky.

Glory 5 London is in the books. Overall, it was a very entertaining card, mixing together fun, fast paced three round fights with some exciting finishes. The big story heading in to the card was the main event, and that remains the focal point coming out of the show.

Tyrone Spong once again showed that he is one of the world's true elite kickboxers by taking out a legend. This time, that legend was Remy Bonjasky, the three time former K-1 Grand Prix champion. Bonjasky made his return to kickboxing last year, but just has not looked the same since. This was his second loss in a row, as the more aggressive, harder hitting Spong stopped him in the second round of an impressive performance.

For Spong, this marks the second consecutive K-1 legend he has toppled (last time out it was Peter Aerts). Given his time in MMA these days, I don't know what his future holds, but this win will only help his profile continue to rise.

For Bonjasky, I wouldn't at all be surprised if this was the end of the line. Remy has never seemed like the kind of fighter who "needs" to fight - just someone who is very good at it. After some serious eye troubles a few years ago that threatened his vision, and now with his own gym to run, Bonjasky is in a position where it just makes sense to walk away. If he does, you can't fault him for it, but you certainly can miss him.

Next up for Glory is Glory 6 Istanbul in two weeks. That April 6 card is headlined by Gokhan Saki vs. Daniel Ghita.

Full results from Glory 5 London, plus gifs from Zombie Prophet, below:


70kg: Kerrith Bhella def. Sam Omomogbe by decision.
95kg: Boris Uhlik def. Fraser Weightman by decision.
70kg: Chad Sugden def. Sam Wilson by decision.
85kg: Marlon Hunt def. Andrei Manzolo by decision.
77kg: Jonatan Oliveira def. Nicola Gallo by unanimous decision.
67kg: Reece McAllister def. Tim Thomas by unanimous decision.
70kg: Johann Fauveau def. Constantin Pasniciuc by unanimous decision.


HW: Daniel Sam def. Jaideep Singh by unanimous decision.


65kg: Mosab Amrani def. Liam Harrison by KO (Liver Shot) in Round 1.


95kg: Michael Duut def. Dustin Jacoby by KO (3 Knockdowns) in Round 1.


95kg: Danyo Ilunga def. Stephane Susperregui by KO (Knee) in Round 2.


85kg: Steve Wakeling def. Eddie Walker by KO (Low Kicks) in Round 2.


70kg: Albert Kraus def. Warren Stevelmans by unanimous decision.


70kg: Jordan Watson def. Steve Moxon by unanimous decision.


HW: Tyrone Spong def. Remy Bonjasky by KO (Right Hook) in Round 2.


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