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If anyone here follows me on twitter or reads anything I write for Undercard Superstar, then I think you'll notice I'm big on films and theatre, as well as my huge passion for combat sports, along with history.

Right now I'm in the process of finalizing my final project for my History 384 course, with a topic that deals with minorities & combat sports from 1500-1880. The interesting thing is my history professor is very lenient with the media through which the final project comes from, which got me thinking about films. There has been an influx of historical fiction films & television shows, and with something such as combat sports and minorities taking center stage, maybe I'd be able to work something out. What follows is my rough idea/train of thought for what could be a historical fiction television series. Any ideas or opinions on the possible viability would be useful, and very much thankful.

Time Period: 1730?

Setting: United Kingdom/Europe

Protagonist: A Jew whose escaped Spain following the Reconquista and settled in <Ireland or England?>, A freedman who moved to England, and (possibly) An American folk wrestler who travels the world.

(This was the full-length film idea) Two, or three, vignettes. One could involve only the Jew while the other was about the Freedman, or both the Jew and the Freedman (a la Mendoza and his home skillet), while the American is about having the acceptance as a white protestant fighter and seeing others fall to the wayside even though they are good challengers.

Maybe the three are all cohorts & training partners, the Jew & Freedman fighting for their personal honor and those they represent, while the American fights because why not. Along the way he realizes the society condones actions that ignore individual talent based on race, while his two friends deal with it firsthand. The American takes a stand and before the word can get out is beaten to death in a match where his two friends are forced to watch. His death causes the two to work harder for acceptance from their community and advance their peoples to a better understanding amongst society.


  • The techniques used in the time period, which may or may not include wrestling.
  • Greater historical events (1730, European Wars, expansion, decline of Spanish Empire).
  • Racism & other concurrent prevalent attitudes.
  • Gender positions
  • Possible run ins with historical figures from the same time frame.
  • Proper food & attire for people of their social standing.

These are just my general thoughts so far. I should have a script (or three depending on my final decision, as well as a presentation of said ideas by the end of May).

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