The GSP Complaint Checklist

Evening everyone. I'm giving myself 10 minutes to knock out this quick fanpost in light of another GSP fight and the annoyingly-predictable complaints that follow a GSP fight. There are a few specific gripes that get brought up routinely that i don't believe are valid and I'll attempt to address/refute them here. Let's begin.

1. "GSP said this was the biggest fight of his life and that he'd never been this angry and that he'd retire the guy and..."

At the risk of sounding like a complete dick (which I am), what are you, 7? Seriously, every celebrity and person of influence lies in some capacity every single day of their relevance. When those lies correlate to increased power/money/influence, you can damn well guarantee that the person in question is just going to lie that much more. That's why I don't listen to press conferences or read a lot of interviews. Because most of that stuff is PR-vetted, insincere and fabricated bullshit. And then there's Nick Diaz, who is just fucking crazy. But I don't follow MMA for the promotional white noise. I watch fights, read analysis and keep tabs on the sport and the industry. Very little of that has anything to do with what comes out of a fighter's mouth. If it's that upsetting to you, just remind yourself that they're all liars and that there's probably something good on TV that's a better use of your time and indignation.

2. "GSP isn't Rush any more. I want more Rush."

Sorry folks, it's 2013 and those days are gone. The reason they're gone is that GSP is the WW champion and doesn't have the luxury of beating up over-matched fighters like Jay Heiron, Sean Sherk or Ivan Menjivar any more. He has to fight consistent Top 10 challengers (and Dan Hardy) and those guys typically don't lend themselves to crowd-pleasing KO's. Probably because they need to provide for their families and concussions are proving to be pretty catastrophic to long-term brain health/function. Nick Diaz hasn't been knocked out since I discovered Beck and his submission losses amount to 0. Condit, Alves, Fitch, Shields, Kos....... none of those guys has a history of getting stopped. Accept the reality that WW, like LW and below, is a division where stoppages drop off precipitiously as quality increases. Whenver GSP vacates the belt, I guarantee his successor will have the exact same phenomena happen to him. I'm interested to see if he'll get the same amount of flack.

2B. "He's clearly so much better than his opponent. Why won't he take chances?"

For starters, why is everyone so convinced that GSP has this enormous advantage over the WW division? Ironically, I think people look at his record, acknowledge that almost none of his opponents ever threaten him, fail to recognize that his neutralization gameplan is the key to his dominance, and then just "wish" that he'll do something different next time as if it's not all part of the same continuum. I have a line that I remind people of when we're discussing risky decisions. "There's no such thing as risk elimination. Only risk mitigation. Bad things will happen, it's only a question of how many and how much." Fighting at the top of the sport, especially in a weight class like WW, is a very risk profession. And the downside of losing a belt is pretty catastrophic. There's plenty of upside to throwing all-out haymakers like Hendricks has lately, because he's a challenger trying to carve out some spotlight for his chance at the belt. When that fight happens, I fully expect to see a much more reserved and cautious fighter, like Diaz and Shields before him. Call it pressure, call it reality, call it whatever you want, but Hendricks will not fight with reckless abandon. Even if he does and wins, he won't defend his belt that way. Count on it. No amount of impassioned posting on the Internet will change his attitude either.

I won't try to convince any to like GSP more or enjoy his fights. That's your opinion and you're entitled to it. But please stop bringing up the same tired complaints. I have very little time to read BE any more and I'd prefer to learn something newor at least see something in a different light. Recycling the checklist outlined above doesn't do that.

And that's 30 minutes. Fuck.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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