Words are wind?

I'm honestly fascinated at the things people say, especially across cross cultural barriers. Some things may be admissible and some others not. In the case of, say, in the fighting scene specifically, we are treated to a bunch of different things that may or may not get them in hot water; from Dana White's use of the word "Pussy," "cunt," and "faggot," to Rashad Evans calling Jon Jones a "white boy," Forrest Griffin's "rape is the new missionary," Miguel Torres's "rape van" joke, the internet videos of Antonio Margarito's mocking of Freddy Roach, or Mayweather's mocking of Pacquiao -- Some get them land people in hot water in varying degrees while some others don't. None of these things enrage me because context and whatnot. People say all sorts of shit for this or that reason and I get that, so I mostly chalk weird ass comments to the person in question being a blockhead or something and try to not get offended, but the following tweet raised my eyebrow because, well, read for yourselves:

Tim Kennedy @TimKennedyMMA

GSP is to Diaz as smallpox are to the American/Shawnee Indians. #UFC158

I mean, we all know he's kind of a not-so-nice person and doesn't have to be, so no surprise there; the fact that he's joking about it isn't really the issue but rather that nobody seems to have picked up on it and said peep and, at least to me, that seems like a big deal.

To me, and keep in mind that I'm not from the U.S., his tweet is akin to saying, and pardon me: "GSP is to Diaz as whips were to black slaves. #UFC158"

It seems pretty fucked up and all kinds of wrong, doesn't it? Doesn't that ellicit a squirm or two?

So what gives? What is acceptable, or even passable for people to say in these instances? Becuase, to me the, dude is joking about intent of genocide but apparently nobody is saying much about this stuff -- or at least not in the media that I've seen. these seems like one of those instances that people either shouldn't joke about or, at least, make damn sure it is funny before throwing it out there.

Even cursory research surrounding the siege of fort Pitt reveals atrocious, atrocious shit, quotes and all.

Now, am I exaggerating, screaming that the sky is falling, or what? or Is it no big deal?

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