Dana White on Nick Diaz's unreliability: 'I think Cesar Gracie is a huge part of the problem'

Photo: Esther Lin

UFC president Dana White puts the blame for Nick Diaz's tendency to skip press events on Cesar Gracie ahead of Nick's UFC 158 bout with Georges St. Pierre.

Nick Diaz may be a top level welterweight in the UFC, but he's been anything other than perfectly reliable for the promotion. At one point Diaz lost a title shot because he was skipping media obligations, he tested positive for marijuana metabolites (his second offense) after his shot at Carlos Condit's interim title and, earlier this week, he missed the open workouts for his UFC 158 title shot against Georges St. Pierre.

Dana White was asked about it at yesterday's press conference and didn't hold back when it came time to place the blame (via MMA Fighting):

"I think Cesar Gracie is a huge part of the problem, to be honest with you," White said flatly. "Cesar comes out ... first of all the tweet that he tweeted. Second of all, comes out and says, ‘Well the guy that's producing [the UFC 158 Countdown show] lives up here in northern California so how much could this really be costing them?' I mean, this f--king guy has no clue about production. And to come out and say something that asinine, is unbelievable. Yeah, when we send a crew up to shoot these things, what do you think we're sending up? Like, a guy with a f--king camcorder? We're sending the guy who shoots those features that has been working in the sports world for 30 years, and the crew he's got around him are good too.

"You guys are in the business. You know what this s--t costs. I noticed in the news now, these news reporters in Vegas, because of all the cutbacks, the f--king guy who's the reporter shows up with the camera now, and he's doing both jobs. You know why? Because it's f--king expensive to have a cameraman now. That's why."

Remember, Gracie is the one who tweeted the following after missing the workout:

We asked @danawhite if we could reschedule open workout. @nickdiaz209 wants to be at his best for this fight.

Dana went on to call Gracie a "dick" who plays a lot of games but didn't go as far as to say that the Diaz brothers should drop him as a trainer.

I imagine Diaz will need to show up for the weigh-ins, fight, post-fight presser and pass his drug test without any problems at any step along the way to remain in the UFC's good graces.

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