UPDATED - UFC 158: Diaz says St. Pierre is on 'plenty of steroids', UFC won't do anything

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Nick Diaz kept up his verbal attack on UFC 158 opponent Georges St. Pierre today, saying that he's on steroids today on a radio show.

He made hints at it at today's press conference, but Nick Diaz just came out and said it afterwards on a radio show. On The Fan 590, a Sportsnet radio station, Diaz laid his steroid allegations towards UFC 158 opponent Georges St. Pierre out there for hosts Tim Micallef and Sid Seixeiro. Here's what they had to say in regards to Nick's statement:

This is the actual quote from Diaz:

"I believe that he's is on plenty of steroids, and I don't think they test around here either. I doubt I'll be tested as well. I don't care what they say to the fans or the media, I don't think we'll be tested. And if so, he's probably got a bottle of piss in his pocket."

GSP defended himself at the press conference when the word steroids was brought up, but obviously he wasn't there to defend himself this time. Diaz, who failed a test for marijuana metabolites after his UFC 142 bout and just came off suspension, was doing his best to get GSP riled up today, and it worked. This is just another shot across the bow that will put a little more heat into their bout for the UFC welterweight title on Saturday night in Montreal.

You can check out the audio of the interview here.

Here are a bunch of quotes and talking points from the interview:

Diaz says nothing he has said in the last two weeks has been to sell a fight, that it's all true.

He says he has no anxiety talking to people or being in front of cameras when he's talking about being a martial artist.

If anything, the fans are the uneducated ones that are buying all of the bullshit being thrown at them.

"I don't need to go out there in pink shorts and some crazy hair wearing fruity colors and beat this guy in front of his hometown"

"I get beat up more when I win than when I lose"

"I'm not crazy, I'm not delusional. I'm not playing the victim card"

He blames the UFC for the late flight, says he should have been in earlier.

"Do you think the UFC wants you to lose this fight?" "I would imagine that they do. I think the US wants me to lose this fight based on the way it was marketed. And it's not their fault."

On GSP: "He's lying, he's lying, he can't fix what he did. I watched the interview, he said the same thing in a new interview"

"Nick, can you guarantee me that you're gonna be clean after that fight? "Hell no, I'm not guaranteeing anything!"

Says he was 2 nanograms over after UFC 143. "I did a little better than last time, so if I don't pass the test, I'm sorry. I could probably use another year off vacation. It's not like I enjoy this, taking punches to the mouth."

"I may not be able to keep fighting for money & for a living, but I'll always have to fight for my dignity. Cuz that's who I am"

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