How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? - Ben Henderson's Mom competes in BJJ, Multiple Twitter Beefs

On this week's MMA and UFC twitter round up, Ben Henderson's mom competes and medals in her BJJ tournament, plus some twitter beef and other squables and tidbits.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


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"My mama's 1st ever #BJJ (any kind of) competition, from this past weekend...this 4'9", 50+ year old Korean lady inspires the crap outta me everyday...earned herself a standing ovation and bronze medal too...she was nervous as crap but pulled thru like a #Champ...사 랑 에 오 어 머 님..." -Ben Henderson




"Two fighters are tailor made for their opponents and they are dos Santos and Silva. They are both in trouble. Picking hunt and Weidman... if Jds wrestles and does what he did to Shane he will win. But he likes knocking people out. Standing with hunt is dangerous...Wrestling, jits, I just really believe Weidman is special man." -Daniel Cormier

"My life hasn't changed much since the big @ufc fight but if you buy a private lesson from me you can help #payoffmytruck!" -Liz Carmouche

"4 weeks since my eye surgery,gonna go train today,haven't been in the gym for months.. prep for lavaman triathlon too..long day today" -B.J. Penn

"Thank you @danawhite & @lonrenzofertitta for taking care of my knee surgery! Now time to set the date! @ufc taken care their boyz." -Tito Ortiz



"@lukerockhold came in the gym today wearing these. Do u think he likes himself enough?" -Daniel Cormier




"If you were fighting Chael what would your strategy be? what tactics would you seek?" -Jon Jones

"This will be Chael Sonnens last chance at a title and I am going to train that way... I will dominate my opponent in a way that no one has seen before .." -Jon Jones, see below for Sonnen's response.



"Look Michael bispin my kick on your head become a fever in Brasil stanley" -Vitor Belfort

"@vitorbelfort you only fight where your allowed to cheat. Fight me in Vegas.. can't because your not allowed to use your steroids" -Michael Bisping

"Hey I'm over that cheater. He just tweeted something about me so had to respond. All my attention in on Alan belcher and the 27th of April." -Michael Bisping

"@bisping hey @alanbelcherufc isn't juicing so what is going to be your excuse when he knocks you cold??" -Ben Askren

"@Benaskren @alanbelcherufc hahaha good one" -Michael Bisping

"so seriously what's the excuse gonna be? Better start thinking of one now!" -Ben Askren

"you just focus on continually boring the shit out of people. You do it well." -Michael Bisping

"Ben you focus on fightin in a league where hector Lombard is literally unbeatable. And a haircut please" -Michael Bisping

"I would blanket you worse than @sonnench did. Watch your tone. Just start thinking of excuses, you will need them... If it was old school MMA I would just take @bisping down and lay on him til he died of starvation. But @alanbelcherufc will put him asleep" -Ben Askren

"Seriously though a great American like @alanbelcherufc would never let a stinkin Brit beat him" -Ben Askren

"@bisping your little carnie hands creep out Hector." -Ben Askren

"ooohh great comeback.. I admit defeat." -Michael Bisping

"You know what they say about guys with small hands!" -Ben Askren

"no... No I don't. Please enlighten me toilet brush head... Ok I'm bored with giving the blanket some air time. Logging off for now." -Michael Bisping

"OK I am going to dinner with my hot wife. You guys have fun arguing on Twitter." -Ben Askren


"your grandads suit doesn't quite fit you." -Michael Bisping

"Back from dinner... come to you can get a belt if you don't choke again in the big one." -Ben Askren, who was trying for a dig at Bisping, but kinda just insulted (and tagged) the guys he works for.



"It's a #nude beach but dude its cold! Puttin clothes on in this mug!! #booty #perfecttanbikini" -Natasha Wicks


"Nakey nakey everyone can see our eggs and bakey!!! #nudebeach #naked 👉 @kingsbu chasing the seagull that stole our crispy seaweed snacks lol" -Natasha Wicks


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