Korean Zombie Explains Why He Left KTT (Plus Who He Wants To Fight Next)



"The Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung made an appearance in Dae Hwan Kim's Fightcast and discussed about his departure of Korean Top Team, training at US gyms, and his comeback.

I'm sure many people already know about this news but Chan Sung Jung recently left Korean Top Team. There were many rumors floating around about the reason Jung left KTT and TKZ finally explained why he decided to leave his team where he was a part of for many years.

Many people thought this has to do with some money issue but TKZ strongly contradicted it.

"People on the internet kept saying I left KTT because of money issue but that's not true at all. As matter of fact, when it comes to money, Dong Jin Ha and Chan Yul Jun (KTT head coaches) couldn't be more fair."

Then TKZ explained why he left KTT and opened up his own gym.

"I always wanted to open up my own gym, Korean Zombie MMA, because I want to train in my own way. I've been telling this to Ha and Jun for many years, it just came to its fruition earlier than we expected. I wanted to get this done before it's too late. I thought it would be too late if I open up my gym after I serve in military (in Korea, all men must serve in military for 2 years)."

TKZ addressed that he won't be any part of gym management.

"I know many people are worried if I get overwhelmed by gym management and don't get enough time for training but I don't have anything to do with gym management, my friend will take care of that. I'm going to focus on training 100%"

Although TKZ is opening up his own gym, he's still very interested in training at US gyms.

"I have many gyms I want to train with. Many gyms contacted me but I really don't have time right now so I couldn't do it. I will train at other gyms after I get my first fight done. If I'm going to stay for long time, I would like to train at MMA LAB with Ben Henderson or Team Alpha Male with Urijah Faber. I know Chad (Mendes) is a part of Team Alpha Male but I don't care too much (about exposing my skills to another contender) because if I train there, he's in the same spot as I am. There is a big advantage of training at popular gyms as they have many elite fighters but the only downside is that I don't get any one on one training. All I can do is sparring. Everyone is so into themselves and I can't even really communicate with them because of language barrier. So I think spending two to three weeks would be ideal."

TKZ also discussed about his comeback.

"(About his shoulder surgery) I think it will take another month for me to get completely healed. I'm still training but I'm only at 90% right now. It feels good to be ranked in UFC official rankings but I don't care too much about my current spot as I think my next opponent will be Lamas, Edgar, Swanson, or Siver and win over any one of them would put me in No.1 or No.2."

Then finally TKZ talks about his next opponent.

"I would like to fight (Ricardo) Lamas. I may not have the best striking, jiu jitsu, or wrestling but if I bring all three together, it's a completely different story. I'm going to train hard and I will prove myself by winning fights."

As TKZ's ending the interview, he talked about his sponsorship issues.

"I guess I'm pretty popular now but I still have very hard time finding sponsors. I'm trying to find some Korean sponsors. It's so hard to live only with what UFC pays me as I have to give away 40% for tax and 20% to my US manager."

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