Bellator 88 live video stream, results and play-by-play

Live results and a video stream for Bellator 88. A fight for the vacant middleweight title headlines the card as Alexander Shlemenko and Maiquel Falcao square off.

Season eight of Bellator continues tonight as the promotion makes a trip to Duluth, GA. The show is headlined by a middleweight championship match between middleweight tournament winners Alexander Shlemenko and Maiquel Falcao.

The prelim stream starts at 8 p.m. ET with the main card kicking off at 10 p.m. ET on Spike TV. We'll have live results as well as a live video stream right here, so make sure to check back once the card kicks off.

Here's how the full card breaks down:

Main Card:

Middleweight title: Alexander Shlemenko vs. Maiquel Falcao

Featherweight Quarterfinal: Marlon Sandro vs. Akop Stepanyan

Featherweight Quarterfinal: Mike Richman vs. Mitch Jackson

Featherweight Quarterfinal: Fabricio Guerreiro vs. Frodo Khasbulaev

Preliminary card:

Featherweight Quarterfinal: Alexandre Bezerra vs. Genair Da Silva

Featherweight: George Hickman vs. Stephan Upchurch

Lightweight: Ururahy Rodrigues vs. Clay Harvison

Middleweight: Kelving Tiller vs. Dave Vitkay

Featherweight: Shane Crenshaw vs. Ronnie Rogers

Lightweight: Jerrid Burke vs. Joe Ellmore

Bellator Livestream
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Alexandre Bezerra vs. Genair Da Silva - Round 1 - Silva with a right hand and a kick that is blocked. Hard punch by Bezerra and Silva is hurt. Bezerra jumps on his back and is looking for the choke. Silva is standing with Bezerra on his back. Silva manages to shake him off and he is on top in Bezerra's guard. Hard hammerfists by Silva and Bezerra locks up an armbar and it's over. Good showing. Alexandre Bezerra wins by submission (armbar), round 1.

Mike Richman vs. Mitch Jackson - Round 1 - Richman throwing the jab and Jackson shoots but nothing there and they trade knees in the clinch. Right hand by Jackson lands. Big right hand by Richman and Jackson goes to his knee but bounces right back up. They trade knees again. Richman with some hard shots again. Both men are bloodied up under the eye. Richman lands again and Jackson goes down again. Now Richman is on top on the ground. They're restarted despite Richman working, but I doubt he'd complain given the advantage on the feet. Richman tags him again. Head kick by Richman drops Jackson and a flurry of hammerfists finishes the fight. Mike Richman wins by KO (head kick and punches), round 1.

Marlon Sandro vs. Akop Stepanyan - Round 1 - Akop just misses a spinning head kick. Knee by Akop and Sandro is looking for the takedown and has the waistlock from behind standing against the cage. Akop grabs the fence to not get taken down and gets warned but that does little since he has escaped. Right hads by both men and Sandro's landed harder. Akop throwing a lot of fancy spinning kicks but not landing any of them. Flying knee does land a bit now for Akop. Sandro gets the takedown now at the end of the round. 10-9 Akop i guess.

Round 2 - Akop lands a hard punch and tries for the spinning back kick again and now again and that one landed to the head. Now Akop lands some hard punches and Sandro is badly hurt. More punches land and now Sandro looks for a takedown and Akop reverses to end up on top. Akop backs off and forces him to stand back up. Sandro lands a body kick. Akop keeping the pressure up and lands a spinning back kick to the body. Akop with another right hand. 10-9 Akop. Before the start of round 3 the referee takes a point from Akop for the cage grab so 9-9.

Round 3 - Sandro gets a takedown early and he's in half guard looking to pass. Referee stands them up. Akop misses another spinning kick and Sandro gets the takedown again. Sandro picking him up and slamming him back down. Sandro works him over to the cage and starts grinding away with punches. 10-9 Sandro makes it 28-28 in my eyes. An overtime round could be coming but we'll see how the judges have it officially.

Official Scorecards: 28-28, 29-27, 29-27. Marlon Sandro wins by majority decision.

Alexander Shlemenko vs. Maiquel Falcao - Round 1 - Falcao comes out looking to land something big early but nothing was there. Shlemenko lands a body punch. Body kick by Shlemenko and a straight punch. Falcao steps inside a spinning backfist and gets a takedown. They trade punches after speparating. Falcao throws upme punches that miss but then lands a right hand and a left. Trip takedown by Shlemenko and he's on top now and gets quickly stood up. Falcao tries for a takedown but they're back to the feet quickly. 10-9 Falcao.

Round 2 - Falcao lands a few punches early, Shlemenko with a body kick. Falcao pushing him into the cage. Right hand by Falcao and another but now Shlemenko with a counter left that lands well and he lands some knees tot he body and now a huge body punch. Spinning back kick to the body and now a punch and Falcao goes down. Shlemenko landing some big shots to the body while standing over Falcao and he is hurt, two punches to the face and he's out. Alexander Shlemenko wins by KO (body shot, punches), round 2.

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