List of Current UFC Fighters - Patches and improvements

Hey there,

If you follow the Bloody Elbow twitter account or been on the official Facebook page, you may have noticed that we've been working on improving the List of Current UFC Fighters table, which was published last week. And by "we", I mean the outstanding Zane Simon, who has worked feverishly to perfect his craft for the community. I have simply done the little tweaks that fit within the standards of BE publishing, including permalinks, photo cropping, etc.

Following up last week's fanpost by Zane on this very same subject, here's what we've changed:

  • Flags are now included for every fighter. This will match what you see on UFC broadcasts, so Alistair Overeem's "Tale of the Tape" flag is the UK, not The Netherlands.
  • Weight classes have their own sections. That's right, if you don't want to look at one gigantic post, we've divided the tables into one post per weight class. That means flyweight has its own post, featherweight, lightweight, and so on. Bantamweight has both men's and women's divisions. Recent cuts and signings have their own section. If you want to see how many bantamweights there are, it's there for you. If you want to double-take at the fact that Nandor Guelmino is actually in the UFC, the recent cuts and signings page is for you They've all been published today, which reminds me....
  • Table of contents. Sort of. There's a StoryStream dedicated solely to the UFC roster tables, and they are listed (top to bottom) from heavyweight to flyweight. When you go to the StoryStream you will be able to see all 10 of the articles and navigate from page-to-page.
  • UFC title history for every weight class! If you want to know the history of UFC champions by weight class, each one has its own table. I highly recommend you read the heavyweight one because of the sheer madness and high-frequency of new champions.

Sounds good, eh? It's a fantastic resource and we're all grateful that Zane has put in immense effort in developing this.

Here are two questions I've made up that you'll probably ask:

  • But when will I see these changes? If you've been paying attention to the Twitter or FB account, you actually can. Otherwise, after a couple of more superficial patches, it'll be public all weekend long with no MMA card around.
  • Why are comments closed in all of the posts? It's a resource, so we want it to remain that way. And because it's a frequently changing table it'd probably be a pretty big thread to maintain. Plus, I personally like my resources and databases to be kept away from cat GIFs.

Okay, that should be everything. You'll see the full unveiling of UFC Roster Table v1.5 this Saturday, and I hope you enjoy it. Once again, thanks to Zane for his hard work.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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