Who Should Fight Who? UFC 156 Winners & Losers.

Heres another Who Should Fight Who.

Aldo should fight Pettis. Reason: Aldo is the best FW in the world, hes the champ and he needs someone to fight, there isn't a clear #1 contender at the moment and Pettis just threw his name into the mix last night. He shoots to the top of the list, hes a Top 3 LW and hes one of the most creative and accurate strikers in the world. This is a badass fight, Book it. If they decide against this fight then I can see Aldo fighting Lamas or Mendes(After he beats Manvil).

Edgar should fight Koch. Reason: They are both coming off loses, they are both top ranked FWs, it makes a lot of sense. If he doesn't end up fighting Koch then I can see Edgar fighting Siver or Guida. If he drops to 135, he should fight The Winner of Faber/Menjivar. Reason: Edgar is a P4P great, he fights the best guys at 155, 145 and he could fight the best at 135. Now, hes lost 3 in a row so I don't think he'll get an immediate title shot at BM so a fight against The Faber/Menjivar Winner works.

Nogueira should fight Teixeira. Reason: Lil Nog just beat Evans who is one of the best fighters in the world so his next fight will be against another top guy, I think that guy could be Glover Teixeria. If he doesn't end up fight Glover then I think Shogun will be his next opponent.

Evans should fight Shogun. Reason: I've wanted to see these two fight for years now and now could be the perfect time. If Evans/Shogun doesn't pan out then I can see Rashad fighting Vera, Pokrajac or Hamill. If he drops to 185, he should fight Rockhold. Reason: Rockhold is a top 10 MW or at least most people have him in their top 10, hes finally in the UFC and he doesn't have an opponent yet, former LHW champ Rashad Evans could fill that spot. Evans could also fight Philippou or Jacare Souza.

Silva should fight Barnett. Reason: Silva just knocked out Overeem who many believed was the #1 contender so now Silva's stock is kinda skyrocketing, a fight with Barnett makes sense. Barnett is coming over to the UFC, hes a top 10 HW but hasn't really beaten any great HWs in a while so a fight against BigFoot who is right in the middle of the top 10 would be a great guy to welcome Barnett back to the UFC. Silva could also fight The Winner of Struve/Hunt, Werdum or JDS.

Overeem should fight JDS. Reason: We've all wanted to see this fight since Overeem signed with the UFC. It will be a stand up war and I hope it gets booked. If Overeem doesn't fight JDS next then he could fight Barnett, The Winner of Nelson/Kongo or Carwin.

Maia should fight The Winner of Macdonald/Condit. Reason: Maia is now my #5 WW in the world. There really isn't anybody else for him to fight right now, he just beat Fitch who has been the #2-5 WW for years so he needs to have a #1 contender fight next. The Winner of Macdonald/Condit will be prefect and I am almost 99.9% sure that this will be Maia's next fight.

Fitch should fight The Loser of GSP/Diaz. Reason: Like I wrote above, Fitch has been the #2-5 WW for a long long time now and this loss to Maia doesn't send him far down the rankings, he will fight another top guy next and The Loser of GSP/Diaz makes sense. There are many guys Fitch could fight, if he doesn't end up fighting The GSP/Diaz Loser then I could see him fighting The Loser of Hendricks/Ellenberger, The Loser of Macdonald/Condit or Marquardt.

Benavidez should fight MM. Reason: Benavidez is the #2-3 FLW and he just beat McCall who was the best FLW in the world up until about 6 months ago. There aren't many contenders in the FLW division so I think he will have a rematch with MM Johnson in 2-5 months.

McCall should fight Dodson. Reason: These two guys are very exciting, they're both coming off losses. I like this fight a lot. McCall could also fight Moraga, Da Silva or Gaudinot.

Dunham should fight Green. Reason: They both won at UFC 156, they are pretty closely ranked, this fight works. I can see it going down. Dunham could also fight Varner, Nurmagomedov or Guillard.

Tibau should fight Volkmann. Reason: They both just lost at UFC 156, these two guys are also closely ranked. It makes sense. Tibau could also fight Wiman or Guillard.

Woodley should fight Saffiedine. Reason: People didn't really think that much about Woodley and him coming over to the UFC, many thought he was a boring wrestler, well his Knockout win over Hieron was definitely not boring. That win certainly will change opinions and get him a highly ranked opponent for his next fight. Saffiedine, could very well be that guy. This would be a rematch, These two fought a while ago and Woodley won but I think Saffiedine is a much better fighter today and this could be a very exciting fight. I hope it gets booked, if it doesn't Woodley could fight Pyle, Pierce or Hathaway.

Hieron should fight Silva. Reason: I don't really care about this fight but it was booked and Silva got hurt, had to pull out so I could see them rebooking it but I really think Hieron will be cut. If he doesn't fight Silva or get cut then I could see him fighting Colton Smith.

Green should fight Dunham. Reason: They both won on the same night, this fight works. Green could also fight Varner, Vallie-Flagg or Guillard.

Volkmann should fight Tibau. Reason: They both lost and they are closely ranked. Volkmann could also fight Wiman or Guillard.

Vallie-Flagg should fight Trujillo. Reason: I didn't expect much from Vallie-Flagg but he looked pretty good, not great but good. A fight against Trujillo makes sense to me. He could also fight Jury, Green or Guillard.

Edwards should fight Bocek. Reason: I thought Edwards looked good in defeat, I don't think its time to retire, he still has fight left in him so a fight against a veteran like Bocek feels right to me. Edwards could also fight Njokuani, Johnson or Nijem.

Kimura should fight Viana. Reason: I didn't know anything about this kid besides the stuff I read, I had never seen him fight so I had nothing to expect. I was very impressed with his ground game and I'd like to see him fight another young prospect Viana. He could also fight Rivera or Alcantara.

Camus should fight Figueroa. Reason: There aren't that many UFC BMs right now so a fight against the other 135 Loser from UFC 156 makes a lot of sense. I think this fight will happen. He could also fight Kid Yamamoto or The Winner of Tezuka/Lee.

Rivera should fight Perez. Reason: I've wanted to see this fight for a while now, Two top young guys slugging it out. I like this fight, I hope it gets booked. Rivera could also fight Assuncao, Jorgensen or Kimura.

Figueroa should fight Camus. Reason: Like I wrote above, they both lost on the same card, it makes sense. Figueroa could also fight Kid Yamamoto or The Winner of Tezuka/Lee.

Alright, leave your comments, Rec if you really like it. Let me know what fights you like and what fights you want to see happen.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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