About Uriah Halls social awkwardness.

Josh Sammans knockout of Tor was very good but the highlight of the episode for me was the emphasis on Uriah Hall.

Its easy to just label his behaviour as some result of bullying or just label him as an obnoxious person.

Uriah Hall is an absolutely stunning athlete and fighter. The way he throws kicks looks so effortless and fluid that its difficult to not be in awe of him. As a fighter I am already a huge fan of him.

On the flip side its been shown that he seems to have absolutely no social skills whatsoever. He seems to have no idea when things he says are appropriate or not. When Gilbert asked who we wanted to fight he said Luke. It didn't seem like an attack on Luke, rather it was what he honestly wanted. He seemed absolutely shocked that this offended his team mates. It was like he had no idea that saying he wanted to fight a teammate would be seen as wrong.

When he asked Cella if his girlfriend was a 'b***h like him' it seemed like he was trying to join in on the light banter between the guys but had absolutely no clue how to do it. His explosive (and swear filled) rant that followed was also very interesting. He showed how simply lost and frustrated he is when talking to other fighters.

Uriah Hall definitely left a negative impression from last nights episode of TUF but it also got me thinking. I'm not sure whether it was a result of him being obnoxious or self centred, or if he just truly has no idea how to react in social situations and what is acceptable. I am definitely no expert on this but if anything he seemed slightly Aspergers. He also showed possible traits of sociopathy. I'm curious whether or not anyone else feels that way because if thats true, then that is an entirely different conversation.

ps this is my first fan post ever so I have no idea if I messed anything up.

(does this count as fighter bashing?)

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