Machida vs. Henderson striking stats



As usual, there seems to be some small amount of debate regarding the scoring of certain rounds in a Lyoto Machida fight. Thanks to Lyoto's style, going back and rewatching this fight for the purposes of collating an accurate strike count doesn't make you want to kill yourself. I usually like to give Machida's fights a second look anyway, and slow things down to get a better understanding of things. It's hard to pay attention to who is landing what when both fighters are engaging at the same moment, or when one fighter is so skilled at evading strikes by the narrowest of margins.

So anyway, I went through all three rounds and tallied up every single strike thrown by either of them that landed to any real degree. Hendo's leg kicks that just smacked with the foot are in there (and they were many), as are Lyoto's quick little strikes to the face that are meant more to distract than to do serious damage. Every Hendo knee or elbow to the thigh is accounted for. I even included a couple that I'm not sure about since the angle was bad. It's up to you to decide which strikes were significant. I'm just doing this because I was interested in finding out how my personal tally would add up against Fightmetric's, and because people are making statements that I thought didn't reflect reality, and I wanted to know for sure. It's just a little more info for the people that care one way or the other to draw their own conclusions.

Fightmetric has the total strike count as follows: Machida: 28, Henderson: 54

I have it a little different. Machida: 38, Henderson: 57 (56 if you discount the groin shot)

But don't just take my word for it, I gots pitchers.

Henderson Rd. 1 - 2 head strikes, 4 clinch knees to the body, 11 leg kicks


Click here for larger image

Machida Rd. 1 - 5 head punches, 4 front kicks to the body, 2 roundhouse body kicks, 1 elbow to the head, 1 knee to the body, 1 leg kick, 1 takedown


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*from this point on, click on the their names to open the pictures.


Henderson Rd. 2 - 5 leg kicks, 4 head strikes, 1 knee to the body, 1 nut shot

Machida Rd. 2 - 8 head punches, 2 body kicks, 1 roundhouse head kick, 1 front kick to the face, 1 front kick to body, 1 spinning back kick, 1 leg kick, 2 knees to the body

Henderson Rd. 3 - 10 body punches, 10 elbows to the body, 7 elbows to the thigh, 1 leg kick, 1 takedown (does it count as a takedown if it's unintentional? I guess so)

Machida Rd. 3 - 4 head punches, 1 roundhouse head kick, 1 front kick to body (?), 1 roundhouse body kick, 1 leg kick

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