BECW5: UFC 157 Rousey vs. Carmouche Live Discussion


UFC 157: Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche Weigh-in Highlight (via UFC)

Greetings again, everyone. With four events already in the books, we're approaching the last chapters of the 5th regular season of the Bloody Elbow Civil War. Tonight is one of three matches left before the heavily sought Grand Prix, and a historical night I suppose as the first women's bout in the UFC will take place. The card opens up with the infamous hot bout, and it's between two fighters I didn't even know existed. Should be fun. There's no exciting bouts on paper until the FX portion, which features two heavyweights colliding as Brendan Schaub faces Lavar Johnson. I'm like 80% sure Brendan slept with Joe Silva's girlfriend, but regardless, this is a winnable fight for either man and it has my interest.

As for the main card, we'll see a lot of heavily favored fighters but considering the way this season has went, don't be surprised to see the MMA gods mock us again. The main event will be Ronda Rousey armbarring Liz Carmouche, but the fight that most people are interested in is the co-main of Machida and Hendo squaring off. Robbie Lawler has his first UFC fight in over 8 years, but isn't getting an easy fight as he's matched up with Kos. Also, Faber is on the card, and he's pretty much always in fun fights. Full card is below.

Main Card (PPV 10 PM EST)
Women's Bantamweight Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Liz Carmouche
Light Heavyweight Lyoto Machida vs. Dan Henderson
Bantamweight Urijah Faber vs. Ivan Menjivar
Welterweight Court McGee vs. Josh Neer
Welterweight Josh Koscheck vs. Robbie Lawler
Preliminary Card (FX 8 PM EST)
Heavyweight Brendan Schaub vs. Lavar Johnson
Lightweight Michael Chiesa vs. Anton Kuivanen
Featherweight Dennis Bermudez vs. Matt Grice
Lightweight Sam Stout vs. Caros Fodor
Preliminary Card (Facebook 6:35 PM EST)
Welterweight Kenny Robertson vs. Brock Jardine
Welterweight Jon Manley vs. Neil Magny
Welterweight Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Yuri Villefort

League Standings After Week 4



Week 5 Schedule

Bisping Division

Leonard Garcia's Picking Accuracy (forkboy) 1-3 vs. We Came To Pick, They Came To Grapple (lanky) 3-1

(Week 2 We Came To Pick def. Leonard Garcia's Picking Accuracy 590-539)

Another win for lanky's team tonight will be their 4th straight and keep them on top of their division and in prime position for a Grand Prix seed. However, even with a loss they can hold on to their top spot depending on point totals, especially if the Legion of Lurkers win the other match in this division. Unless Leonard Garcia's Picking Accuracy have adjusted their goals and settled for the aspirations of a wildcard spot, a win is an absolute must tonight, as will be the case for each regular season game for the conclusion of this season. If a victory cannot be achieved for forkboy's team, they still need to rank highly among teams' point totals for the event in order to maintain their current wildcard #7 seed.

The Bjorn Ultimatum (OBP) 2-2 vs. Legion of Lurkers (Scorecard) 2-2

(Week 2 The Bjorn Ultimatum def. Legion of Lurkers 536-468)

The winner of this match is guaranteed to at least sit in second place in the Bisping Division after Week 5, giving them one of the top 6 playoff seeds, and if Leonard Garcia's Picking Accuracy can win their match tonight, the winning team here has a chance to lead the division. Just imagine, Legion of Lurkers in first place. Would sklart complain about the playoff system then? If lanky's team does come up short tonight, the losing team of this match could fall to the bottom of the division, so a lot is at stake here in this one event. Both teams are coming off of losses, but The Bjorn Ultimatum is on a two-match skid and a third to an often mocked team led by ScorecardOTN would be soul-crushing after the successful start to the season they had.

Fitch Division

I Can't Believe It's Not Horsemeat! (Andy Davis) 2-2 vs. The Fukers (POW) 2-2

(Week 2 I Can't Believe It's Not Horsemeat! def. The Fukers 531-467)

In all my heartache about Jon Fitch's release from the UFC, I completely glossed over the fact that it messes up this division name. Thanks a lot, Dana. Anyways, this division is in the same scenario as the Bisping Division. The team that wins here wants Dana White's Bail Bonds to lose for the chance of taking the top spot in the group, but the team that loses could fall to the bottom of the division if that situation arises. Andy Davis' squad can move into one of the top 6 playoff seeds with a win, but if they have a bad performance they may say goodbye to their wildcard #8 seed they're currently holding on to. The Fukers are the #5 seed coming into tonight's event, and can move up the ranks further with a win or fall out of the playoffs completely with a bad loss. Very important matches all around tonight.

Dana White's Bail Bonds (RonSwanson) 3-1 vs. TACO COWS (gxc) 1-3

(Week 2 Dana White's Bail Bonds def. TACO COWS 557-528)

With a victory tonight, Ron Swanson's team will continue to hold one of the top 4 playoff seeds, and even if they lose they will still be one of the top two teams in the division. Obviously, now is not the time to put the foot on the brake though, as it could put a lot of pressure on them down the stretch. gxc's team is only 25 points away from a wildcard spot but still, they're in a must win situation here. A victory won't put them in one of the top two spots in the division, but it would set up a path to do so in Week 6. A loss would most likely end all hopes of anything but a wildcard.

Bones Division

Bob Sapp's Bushido Spirit (Josh Hall) 1-3 vs. Tim Kennedy Thread Survivors (Newt) 0-4

(Week 2 Bob Sapp's Bushido Spirit def. Tim Kennedy Thread Survivors 626-533)

In the least underwhelming match of the night, the two bottom-ranked teams in the league will square off. If the goal for these squads isn't to score more points than any other team tonight, they apparently have given up hope of winning anything this season. Theoretically, either team could actually place in the top two of their division, but the odds are certainly stacked against them. Basically, if the Birds of War lose every match from here on out, and Newt's team won every match, they could jump to the second spot in the group depending on total points. Hall's team has it a little easier considering they do have one victory this season, but still, it's not only an uphill climb but damn near vertical. Of course, there's always the wildcard race which Sapp's Bushido Spirit is only 50 points away from, and the Thread Survivors another 18 points back. Now is not the time to surrender despite whatever misfortunes have happened so far.

Birds of War (Sugel) 3-1 vs. Bloody Elbe (PFP) 4-0

(Week 2 Bloody Elbe def. Birds of War 572-546)

This match is the polar opposite of the other battle in the division this week, as this features the top 2 teams in the league currently. A win here for Bloody Elbe not only continues their impressive undefeated streak and keeps their #1 seed, but clinches a spot in the Grand Prix as they could finish no lower than second in the Bones Division to finish the regular season. A defeat here would be a costly loss for them as it would mean the Birds of War would take over the top spot in the division based on total points, as they already lead PFP's squad by 90 points. However, Bloody Elbe would still keep a hold of one of the top six playoff seeds regardless. As mentioned, Sugel's team would take over the division with a win, and can also steal the #1 playoff spot as well with a victory considering they lead the league in total points. If Dana White's Bail Bonds and We Came To Pick, They Came To Grapple can continue their winning ways tonight, they'll be rooting for the Birds of War to win, but to do so unimpressively, as it makes the #1 seed easier for these teams to reach.

Live Spreadsheet!

Everyone welcome debuting player GregTheRangerStott and BECW veteran bonesthebaptist into the competition as they've both entered as replacements starting with this card.

If you're bored waiting for the event, here's the picking percentages for tonight's card for our fight camp and all of MMAPlayground. So far nobody in the BECW has faith in Liz Carmouche.

Up-to-date Xmas tree tables can be found in my recap for the last event here.

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lets mutherfukers.

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