To BJJ or not to BJJ: That is the Question

What up Mutherfukers? I come to my favorite group of MMA and combat sports degenerates to crowd-source a simple question: how should I get my competitive combat sports fix? Or more specifically, should I join a BJJ gym?



Before you go to the comments and just type "yes," let me give you some background that might be relevant:

1) I am old. Rhymes with "warty" old. I work out daily, so I'm not hopeless, but I don't heal nearly as fast as I used to.

2) I have a wife, little kid and busy-ass job. I can probably give martial arts two days a week: max. Maybe one.

3) My boxing coach, who was better than the best thing ever, just retired. I loved the guy, because he was serious, put me through the paces, gave me the combat fix I needed (if not in a hugely competitive manner) and also left me reasonably certain that I'd wake up the next day still remembering my name.

4) I ultimately quit competitive taekwondo, not because I stopped loving it, but because I made a calculation that given my job, which requires the copious use of my brain, I couldn't really afford to be getting kicked hard in the head on a regular, or even semi-regular basis.

5) I have a surgically repaired knee that I'm pretty protective of. Six months or a year of recovery without exercise is not an option for me at this point.

All of that said, I'm not a shrinking violet either. I don't mind having violence inflicted on me in the right setting, and I don't mind geting dirty/bloody.

So how about it? With all those limitations, is it even worth it for this old dog to try to learn new, grapply tricks? Or should I just buy a speed bag for my garage and just keep living vicariously through you dudes?

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