BECW: UFC on Fuel TV 7 Live Post


Shout-out to Dallas for the spiffy logo.

This is all Zater's work, I'm simply posting it for him as he's missing today, likely recovering from another alcohol binge. Please note that the live spreadsheet is ALREADY ready and be sure to fill out the poll. LETS MUTHERFUKERS!


Welcome again, everyone! This may be a funky time to watch some fights for you Western world folk, but you know the drill. Tonight's the fourth event of the season, and also the first time teams will get to exact revenge on an opponent who's beaten them already. In all honesty, there's not really much to worry about on the preliminaries. People like Josh Grispi could be fighting for their jobs, and nobody is going to make a huge mark on their division with a victory in any of the match-ups. The main card starts with Matt Riddle trying to drag an elite solid killer in Che Mills towards deep waters. Icelandic native Gunnar Nelson will look to validate the hype as he faces Jorge Santiago, a respected veteran of the fight game. Jimi Manuwa gets his first opponent in the octagon who actually has some sort of an offense, as he looks to break the face of K-1 level striking Cyrille Diabate. Cub Swanson is having the best moments of his career lately, and will look to continue it against Dustin Poirier, who is coming off of the 2012 FOTY loss to Chan Jung Sung. In the main event for the world title that over 50,000 people will tune in to Fuel TV to watch, Renan Barao will look to defend his interim belt, as well as his life itself against Michael McDonald and the unnatural amount of power he brings. Seriously, Michael McDonald has a lot of power, and we must repeat it every time it's mentioned.

I'll break down what's at stake for all of the teams below. This has been a hell of a crazy season so far, I'm just hoping for, as I believe Sweet Scientist said, MMA to make sense again. All of the biggest rivals are squared off again today, three teams will look to grab their first wins of the season, one team tries to remain undefeated, sklart will tell us how our playoff system sucks (unless his team moves into a playoff spot after tonight), and violence shall be had. You should join us. Full card is below.

Main Card (Fuel TV 3:00 PM EST)
Bantamweight Renan Barão (ic) vs. Michael McDonald
Featherweight Cub Swanson vs. Dustin Poirier
Light Heavyweight Jimi Manuwa vs. Cyrille Diabaté
Welterweight Gunnar Nelson vs. Jorge Santiago
Light Heavyweight James Te-Huna vs. Ryan Jimmo
Welterweight Che Mills vs. Matthew Riddle
Preliminary Card (Facebook 12:15 PM EST)
Lightweight Terry Etim vs. Renee Forte
Lightweight Paul Sass vs. Danny Castillo
Featherweight Andy Ogle vs. Josh Grispi
Middleweight Tom Watson vs. Stanislav Nedkov
Bantamweight Vaughan Lee vs. Motonobu Tezuka
Flyweight Phil Harris vs. Ulysses Gomez

Team Standings After Week 3



Week 4 Schedule

Bisping Division

Leonard Garcia's Picking Accuracy (forkboy) 0-3 vs. The Bjorn Ultimatum (OBP) 2-1

The division leaders and current #2 seed team Bjorn Ultimatum will look to rebound after their first loss of the season in the last event by going after the winless yet 6th highest scoring team this season, Leonard Garcia's Picking Accuracy. It's impossible for forkboy's team to grab one of the top six playoff seeds with a win, but it's still crucial for the future. OBP's team must win this game or they will lose their top spot in the division, although they will still most likely have one of the eight playoff seeds for the moment regardless. The Bjorn Ultimatum defeated Leonard Garcia's PA by 61 points in week 1.

We Came To Pick, They Came To Grapple (lanky6) 2-1 vs. Legion of Lurkers (ScorecardOTN) 2-1

There's at least one other match-up worthy of the honors, but I think this is my pick for match of the week on account of the grudge match. Despite being the huge favorite in Week 1, lanky's team was beaten by 72 points by the Legion of Lurkers, with poor showings from both teams. Since then, LoL has been inconsistent scoring 11th and 3rd and going 1-1, while We Came To Pick has been obliterating the competition with back-to-back top 2 finishes. A win is absolutely necessary for LoL as they need to grab one of the top two division spots considering their lackluster point total. A win for lanky's team could see them push to first place depending on the other match in this division. [Spam's note: WeePaul came to miss picks, unfortunately for lanky]

Fitch Division

I Can't Believe It's Not Horsemeat! (Andy Davis) 2-1 vs. Dana White's Bail Bonds (RonSwanson) 2-1

In the first match of the division I struggle to write storylines for, we have another match of 2-1 teams. A win for Dana White's Bail Bonds could allow them to rebound from last week's first loss of the season and keep their first place spot in the division depending on their point total, whereas I Can't Believe It's Not Horsemeat need this win a lot more, being in third spot among the three 2-1 teams. A win for Horsemeat will give them one of the top 6 seeds for the Grand Prix rather than the wildcard they're currently in. Their team just came up short against Ron Swanson's in week 1, losing by 38 points. A win for Ron Swanson's will also guarantee them top 2 in their division and they will hold steady towards their playoff hopes as well.

The Fukers (POW) 2-1 vs. TACO COWS (gxc) 0-3

The rematch of the cousins! This rivalry hasn't been the most competitive as the now and forever from now on named TACO COWS find themselves at the bottom of the standings, putting in an As Real As It Gets or The Team That Wars performance so far. POW made short work of his relative's team in Week 1, leading his squad to an 89 point victory, despite having a guy make picks for only like 25% of the card or something. The overly enthusiastic, mma promoter wet dream having Andy Anderson replaced the formerly mentioned douchebag. gxc's team has to win. That's pretty obvious. I mean, they should probably look to win every game from here on out in order to reach the playoffs, or put up some damn good numbers in the meantime. The Fukers can possibly take first in their division with a win, or at the very least, hold on to their number 2 spot.

Bones Division

Bob Sapp's Bushido Spirit (Josh Hall) 1-2 vs. Birds Of War (Sugel Mendoza) 2-1

Another Texas duel takes place as the most hot-and-cold team in the league, Bob Sapp's Bushido Spirit, faces the Birds of War who have been a pretty solid roster thus far. Sugel's team flat out embarrassed Brendao's in Week 1, winning by 167 points. That is a shitload of points. Either team will have one of the top 6 playoff spots with a win today, and the Birds of War could take first in the division with a win, or keep second despite losing. A loss would be devastating to Josh's team, who need to find some momentum with this being the halfway point of the regular season. [Spam's note: thirdparty missing picks isn't exactly going to help Bob Sapp]

Tim Kennedy Thread Survivors (Violent Newt) 0-3 vs. Bloody Elbe (PFP) 3-0

Newt's team isn't the absolute worst for what it's worth, but they have certainly managed to score 7th or below as a team for every event so far, finding themselves winless along the way. Undefeated Bloody Elbe squeaked by them in Week 1 with an 18-point victory, and PFP's team can keep a grasp of that #1 GP seed with another win, despite actually being one of the more unsuccessful teams as far as point totals go. You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be better than your opponents. Newt's team really really needs a win, and a dominant team performance at that to start working towards one of those top 8 seeds for the playoffs.

Live Spreadsheet!!

The TACO COWS led the way in the poll in the last recap with 25 votes and 47% of total votes for the most likely team to remain winless after tonight. We'll see if they can rewrite their future. As of the night before, Swanson/Poirier is the hot bout with 53% of PG backing Swanson and 56% of our camp doing so as well. Should be a fun afternoon/evening/weird tom vale time of fights!

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