WARGODS REVISITED: Re-live (or see for the first time) the greatest comment section in Bloody Elbow history

Today is the four-year anniversary of the legendary WarGods card in Fresno, CA. Bloody Elbow was not nearly as popular then as it is now. But this particular night set a record for comments in a single post, and it was the greatest night of drunken fun and bad MMA in this site's history. I wasn't even a member here, Tim Burke was simply known as Beer Monster, Nick Thomas was the fanshot King, and Subo was only banned 159 times instead of the current 403.

You had raffles, you had sexy poses, you had atrocious commentary, you had Tank Abbott, Ken Shamrock, Ross Clifton, the debut of Zoila Frausto, it was amazing! And now I present to you event highlights "as it was typed" by our own (possibly inebriated) Brent Brookhouse:

Karina Helena vs. Zoila Crusto - These names could totally be wrong...there are no graphics and these weren't advertised fights.

Kyacey Uscola Gets in the ring and explains that BJ Lacy backed out of his fight and challenges Haynes for next show title? BOOK IT!

Tonya Evinger just actually challenged her original opponent to a sexy posedown. The crowd boos so Tonya screams at the crowd and wants to "make a fight with all those haters." This is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

David Espanosa is now out to say that his fight was ALSO canceled. That's 4 fights they've talked about being cancelled so far. Now BJ Lacy is out challenging ANYONE...even though his fight with Uscola was cancelled already for some reason. This is the worst thing I've ever seen. They're now broadcasting a raffle.

Tank Abbott vs. Mike Bourke - Here we go! YEEEEEAAAAH! Round 1 - They clinch up after Tank decides not to punch. Body punch, right hand behind the head and Bourke is out. Another right hand to the back of the head as Bourke is on the ground. Should be a DQ but I figure they give it to Tank to prevent a riot. Tank Abbott by KO, Round 1.

There's a LOT more you must read. Right now. At work. Even if you get fired.


Here's your complete roll call for the 1,817 comments posted from start to finish.

# Commenter # Comments
1 soadtrails 135
2 IHateMMA 107
3 Tim Burke 93
4 Nick Thomas 88
5 Brent Brookhouse 85
6 Benicio 83
7 a tommy point 76
8 gavingavinkindgavin 68
9 Riney 65
10 monkeyfightclub! 59
11 dualdiagnosis 58
12 TruthSeeker1223 55
13 Reaser 54
14 Scott Christ 53
15 Sokonojudo 52
16 Anton Tabuena 46
17 mythbuster 43
18 ufc4 37
19 cmsove 37
20 Derek Suboticki 37
21 umphreezing 30
22 BJPwned 30
23 Rundownloser 29
24 BJJDenver 27
25 asmiley420 27
26 DirtyML 26
27 BadB 25
28 jebushchrist 23
29 plastict 21
30 woooburn 20
31 baldspot23 19
32 Warhand 17
33 Adam Morgan 16
34 Randomus 16
35 gremlin1496 13
36 smoogy 12
37 P Brady 12
38 achengy 11
39 xFenixKnightx 11
40 spectaa 10
41 Sam Cupitt 10
42 Dropkick434 10
43 Spike Kojima 8
44 Cannon Jacques 7
45 RearNakedChoker 6
46 JCS_FM 5
47 Eugene Schelfaut 5
49 ilostmydog 4
50 troy145 4
51 lotuschoke 4
52 ChillMike 3
53 zsnichols 3
54 Jaydoggydog 2
55 RobertGBP 2
56 Loot 2
57 #5mmafan 1
58 Cmad77 1
59 poundnground 1
60 tanner4life 1
61 Johann 1
62 korzen 1
63 Erich Vowell 1
64 Reeferbot 1
65 R.T. 1
66 Warden11 1
67 Richard Wade 1


\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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