Shogun Rua not thinking about move from light heavyweight after knockout of the night victory over Te Huna

Chris Hyde

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua not looking too far into the future following 63 second knockout win over James Te Huna at UFC Fight Night 33

Mauricio Rua got back in the win column by knocking out James Te Huna in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 33. The first round stoppage earned Rua Knockout of the Night honors. It also removed some doubts about what the future holds for the former UFC Light Heavyweight champion.

Prior to the fight, Chael Sonnen, co-hosting UFC Tonight, asked UFC president Dana White if he would speak to Rua about retiring if he happened to lose to Te Huna. White replied:

If Shogun loses that fight I probably would have that conversation with him.

During that conversation with Sonnen, White also said he would be interested in discussing a move to middleweight with Rua had he lost to Te Huna.

Rua took those conversations off the table with a counter left that crumpled Te Huna to the canvas. At the post-fight press conference, Rua was asked if he had heard White's reply to Sonnen's inquiry. Rua replied via translator:

I heard some of the comments, but I tried to not let them get into my head and effect my emotional and psychological state before the fight, but I saw that he put on Twitter that this was knockout of the century or something, so I think he was happy with the fight.

White did indeed tweet that:

White also tweeted:

When addressing his future, Rua said he had no plans on leaving the 205-pound division:

I'm not thinking of changing weight classes right now, I'm staying at light heavyweight.

Rua's knockout win had many proclaiming that Rua "was back" after suffering defeats in his two previous fights. For his part, Rua took a more measured approach to the win. He was not ready to proclaim himself a contender for UFC gold. In fact, he wasn't willing to look past his next fight:

I'm not thinking about the belt. I'm not thinking about the title right now. I'm thinking about my next fight, winning my next fight. That's my next dream my next goal, and it's what I'm going to fight hard for and battle for, after that we'll see where it goes.

Rua only spent 63-seconds inside the Octagon on Friday night, but don't expect to see the 32-year old Brazilian back in the cage any time soon:

Actually, I would like to take a little break, but if the UFC needs me and wants me to fight, I'll fight again soon, but I am coming from three training camps in a row because I had a training camp for Little Nog, and the fight didn't happen. Then I had a training camp for Sonnen, and now a training camp for Te Huna, so I have been training for non-stop for several months, so I would like a break now.

Another reason Rua would like to take a break was that he spent a great deal of time away from his family training for the Te Huna fight:

I stayed in Sao Paulo for three months, away from my family. My wife was pregnant, so it was not easy times. Demian Maia's team that helped me train for this fight was really incredible, and this win was really theirs.

Speaking of his family, Rua felt the outcome of his most recent fight would make them much happier than say, his 25-minute war with Dan Henderson from November 2011:

My mom gets happy. My wife gets happy.

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