Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2013: Highlights, gifs, and results

Every year the Inoki Genome Federation puts on their Bom Ba Ye grand event. Some years it's entirely pro wrestling, other years it contains a strange mix of MMA, kickboxing, shoots, and works. Check out the highlights from this years MMA matches featuring Shinya Aoki, Brett Rogers, and Ikuhisa Minowa.

Main Event - Heavyweights: Satoshi Ishii def. Kazuyuki Fujita by Unanimous Decision

While Satoshi Ishii couldn't finish Kazuyuki Fujita it was, by all accounts a fairly onesided affair. Ishii spent most of the first working the lead leg of Fujita with hard low kicks. A series of knees did some heavy damage in the second but a pair of groin kicks by Ishii halted his momentum. The third was pretty one-sided for Ishii as well, leading to the unanimous decision victory. Watch the fight here.

Middleweights: Ikuhisa Minowa def. Atsushi Sawada by TKO (punch) at 3:47 of Round 1

Minowaman made his 101st fight a somewhat shameful affair by knocking out Atsushi Sawada in his pro debut. It wasn't a pretty fight as Atsushi spent most of it lumbering after Minowaman with sloppy arm punches and Minowaman let himself get backed in to corners and hit a bit while slipping and throwing big counters of his own. Eventually he hit Atsushi just right an the fight was gratefully over.


Lightweights: Shinya Aoki def. Toshikatsu Harada by Technical Sub (triangle armbar) at 0:49 of Round 1

Similar to the performance of Ikushisa Minowa above, Shinya Aoki made his return to lightweight against unknown journeyman Toshikatsu Harada. Aoiki didn't look like he'd gotten himself in particularly good shape for the fight, but that didn't stop him from hitting a nasty triangle armbar in under a minute.


Heavyweights: Phil De Fries def. Brett Rogers by Sub (RNC) at 3:45 of Round 1

In a much more evenly paired matching, Phil De Fries proved that the same game planning that got him blasted out of the UFC was still more than good enough to defeat Brett Rogers. De Fries looked good early, popping in and out of range and touching Rogers up with some light striking. Eventually, Rogers started to find De Fries' chin in the clinch and on the outside. He couldn't keep himself off the mat however and once De Fries finally drug him down it was a quick road to the RNC submission.


Lightweights: Ramazan Esenbaev def. Satoru Kitaoka by KO (punches) at 0:17 of Round 2

The big upset of the night came in the form of 6-1 Ramazan Esenbaev defeating former Sengoku and DEEP champion Satoru Kitaoka. From the outset it was pretty obvious that there was a huge discrepancy in the striking skill of the two men. Esenbaev was able to land huge hooks and upercuts on Satoru all fight, and even hit a nice takedown early in the first. You can watch the first round here, but that closing sequence is a thing of beauty.


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