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I hate it when "award nominees" are given out before the year is over... but over in Australia we're only a few hours away from 2014, so.... here we go. And Not to mention all relevant fights have been completed that would affect "Fighter of the Year" with Ronda Rousey's 2nd armbar victory over Miesha Tate (a fight you'll definitely see in FIGHT of the year nominees).

You'll see some overlap with the MMA Bloodyelbow awards, but I'd like to give the women a little extra exposure. Let's begin:

Female Fighter of the Year 2013 Nominees

(alphabetical order)

Joanne Calderwood (4-0) - UD Livia von Plettenberg, TKO Sally Krumdiak, UD Norma Rueda Center, UD Katja Kankaanpaa

First to defeat Center and Kankaanpaa

Alexis Davis (3-0) - SUB Shayna Baszler, UD Rosi Sexton, UD Liz Carmouche

First to ever submit Shayna Baszler

Kalindra Faria (5-0) - TKO Aline Sattelmeyer, SUB Dayse Nascimento, SUB Alessandra Silva, SUB Carina Damm, TKO Hellen Bastos

5 Wins, 5 finishes. Doesn't get much more Matt Brown than that.

Alida Gray (4-0) - SUB Patricia Vidonic, TKO Jessica Armstrong-Kennett, KO Soannia Tiem, TKO Katie Klimansky-Casimir

I think it is important to note that Gray's first fight in 2013 was in June. Also, more strange than anything, she TKO'd the two girls with long hyphenated names, both in round 2.

Seo Hee Ham (3-0) - SUB Ryo Mizunami, UD Naho Sugiyama, UD Sadae Numata

Took Sugiyama's 105lbs title, than defended against Numata.

Barb Honchak (2-0) - UD Vanessa Porto, UD Leslie Smith

Won and defended her Invicta flyweight title. Really the only women, who was given the opportunity to fight the best in her division at the time.

Julianna Pena (1-1) - UD Loss DeAnna Bennet, TKO Jessica Rakoczy

While officially only 1-1 this year, which is crazy to think about it that Pena came into the TUF house on a 2 fight losing streak, she was able to finish all her "TUF" competitors including Shayna Baszler and Sarah Moras. Only Gina Mazany was able to scrape by in the "get into the house fight".

Ronda Rousey (2-0) - SUB Liz Carmouche, SUB Miesha Tate

Adding two more armbars to her immaculate armbarring armbar barrage of armbars. In addition to defending her title twice. Just a small prediction. Ronda Rousey will be the UFC's biggest PPV draw next year.

Cris Cyborg Santos (2-0) - TKO Fiona Muxlow, TKO Marloes Coenen

Another year, another string of demolishing victories for Cyborg. If you haven't seen Cyborg in Muay Thai, check her out at Lion Fights when she destroyed Jennifer Colomb with beautiful violence.

Lauren Taylor Murphy (4-0) - TKO Jennifer Scott, UD Kaitlin Young, UD Sarah D'Alelio, TKO Miriam Nakamoto

Miriam Nakamoto injured her knee from a Murphy takedown, but still an impressive string of victories.

Tecia Torres (3-0) - UD Paige Van Zant, UD Rose Namajunas, UD Felice Herrig

Torres put a halt to the Namajunas HYPE OR DIE train, and her fight with Herrig as she put it herself was "total domination".


So what will it be? Depending on how you look at it, I don't think there is a clear cut winner here. Arguments could be made for a quite a few girls... Who will BloodyElbow elect as WMMA 2013 Fighter of the Year!?

Vote now. Right here

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