UFC 168: That was unexpected

On Saturday night UFC 168 was supposed to be the card of the year. I found myself pleasantly surprised, that it delivered. It was a full night of action packed matches. Only three of the eleven fights went the distance. All three were prelim fights. The entire PPV portion of the card had finishes. Some odd, some brutal, and of course one that was both odd and brutal. Although the winners of the fights didn't really shock me, how they ended sure did.

The first fight I wanted to look at is Chris Leben vs Uriah Hall.



The fact that Leben lost didn't shock me, but the fact that he out right said "I'm Done" did. We all know how much of a warrior Chris is, and it's not something I expected to hear. The Crippler has 22 fights in the octagon. In those 22 fights he has earned a total of 6 of the night bonuses. He has 4 for KO of the night, and 2 for fight of the night. It's easy for me to sit here, and say he should hang them up. As a fan I truly hope he does, but that's 100% for him to decide.

The second fight that I want to look at is Travis Browne vs Josh Barnett.



Although I didn't have anything emotionally invested in this fight, and I knew it would more than likely end in a KO. I was still kind of shocked by the pure brutality that was, is Travis Browne. There were two images that stick in my mind from 168. Josh's rag doll body only being supported by Travis's leg is one of them.

The third fight, well let's just say it was expected, but unexpected. Yes we're talking Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate.

The fact that Rousey won the battle by trying to rip Miesha's arm off came as no surprise. The fact that it took until the third round was a bit unexpected. I saw this fight ending in the first. Either with Ronda's arm bar, or a crazy KO by Tate. These women put on a show, and fight of the night bonuses were well earned.

And of course, we get to the main event. Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman.

I will not post a picture from this fight, as I'm sure we've all seen it by now. The Spider's leg is the other image that stuck with me From 168. Even for a seasoned MMA fan, it was hard to watch the slo-mo replays. I did have Weidman picked to win, but never in a million years did I think it would end like that.

UFC 168 was a great year ending event. The picture Bruce Buffer tweeted pretty much sums up a fantastic year in the octagon. Check it out.

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