Kaue Mena Update (Friend of Falcao)

Google translate is rough but you can glean some encouraging info:

"Incodicional love. This is the feeling that moves Gisele Mena , mother of MMA fighter Kauê Mena , who along with his friend Maiquel Hawk to get involved in a fight at a gas station in the city of Itajai , Santa Catarina , in the month of July. Kauê was brutally beaten - even after passing out - was hospitalized in ICU Heart Hospital , has undergone some surgeries and was in very serious condition. Today , recovers well and Saturday ( 3 ) return home .

Gisele currently lives in Kauê function . The teacher excused for mayor of Santa Vitória do Palmar ( RS ) , where he taught , and rented a house in Pelotas ( RS ) near the Santa House , where the son was hospitalized because his town had no specialists to take care of the athlete. The father and brother Kauê can not quit their jobs , so follow in Santa Vitoria do Palmar . The family splits and a real team helps her mother in the task of caring for the rehabilitation of the young .


"I get 24 hours with him. Not easy, but worth it . We have large expenses of doctors and nurses . I have four nurses who change from turn to help me . It is very heavy . Per month , spent nine thousand reais between ambulance , medicines , nurses , doctors and physiotherapists . From the first moment , a group of friends met here in Pelotas and put a campaign on the internet to help treat . I made four loans in the bank , "says Gisele in an exclusive interview with tatami .

On the 14th , Kauê underwent his last surgery to reattach the skullcap , which during that time was stored in her abdomen . According to the mother , the procedure was successful and he can follow his rehabilitation at home .

" The vision of the left eye is 100 % the right , is 30 % . According to experts , have to wait 40 days after surgery to return to normal . It is evolving . They said he would issue speech, hearing and vision , but he speaks well , remember what you did before, after and has childhood memory . So far , after all that has been said , this is a miracle . In Santa Catarina , told that he would have problems , but he started speaking standard from the first month . Now , it's free tracheostomy , is even better . "

Gisele Mena currently dedicated full- time to his son , who is in rehab ( photo reproduction )
Kauê Mena has plans to finish college of Physical Education and walk again normally. Unbeaten in seven MMA fights , he also talks about returning to the cage , although it is still early to know if the possibility is real .

" He says he wants to fight, but there are times that he remembers everything that happened ... Sometimes wakes up in shock resembling the situation . But according to the neurologist, it is good to remember . Time will tell if he will again be a fighter . If he wishes , the family will support , it just depends , "says Gisele , who never watched the video of the fight for medical reasons .

The participation of friends and family has been instrumental in the recovery of Kauê . The fighter often receives visits and talks to people constantly coming by phone. However , Maiquel Hawk , former UFC fighter and Bellator , and responsible for starting the mess at the gas station , never saw his former teammate RFT .

Kauê constantly receives visits from friends , giving him strength and support to family members ( photo reproduction )
" He never saw his Kauê . Who accompanied me in Santa Catarina was his wife , who did not see my son, because visits were restricted to relatives . The Maiquel not greeted my family at the time of giving testimony at the civil police , ignored , do not feel guilty , ashamed or something. Will see Kauê he had , but my family , who saw the video of the fight, do not want. We know it was a fatality , he would not want his friend go through such a situation . We have nothing against him , but it's a family moment , "said Gisele , who can not give details about the attackers , who used up piece of wood during the confusion at the gas station .

" As to that , I do not know anything anyway . We focused on the treatment of Kauê . I do not know if there is some process and say , as a mother , what I want is my son's complete recovery . The rest I give to God . I do not have that side to seek justice , the law . My priority is the recovery of Kauê " ."



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