UFC 168 results: Winners and Losers


Take a look at who Chris called the real winners and losers of UFC 168.

UFC 168 may not have lived up to Dana's hyperbolic 'biggest event ever' but it still delivered. Out of the Las Vegas, NV we saw Anderson Silva fall to a broken leg after a checked leg kick. Check out the big winners and losers from the show.


Chris Weidman - Yeah, the ending of the fight was unfortunate and unpredictable. Regardless, Weidman walked away with the strap and that's the most important thing here. He'll go on to face Vitor Belfort and he'll need to continue this run to become the kind of star he has the potential to be.

Ronda Rousey - The women's Bantamweight champ was in a precarious position heading into this fight. She lost some luster after the TUF 18 season and received boos entering the cage and in victory. However, she was taken beyond the first round for the first time in her career and persevered. She felt the shock of fan negativity as she received boos throughout her post-fight speech, but I don't expect that to last long.

Travis Browne - Browne has been a habitual underdog in the majority of his UFC fights. Saturday night was no different and once again he rose to the occasion. He put down Barnett in just a single minute and now he's set to fight for contendership later in the year.

Jim Miller - Miller had gotten himself close to contention prior to being subbed by Nate Diaz. He'd gone 1, 1 NC since then including a beating from Pat Healy that got turned over because weed is bad kids. Historically, Miller would have been guaranteed to beat Camoes, but there were a lot o question about his career trajectory heading into this fight. Miller managed to pull off the armbar and show he's not one to count of the fight game just yet.

Uriah Hall - It really wasn't a great performance but the win over Leben assured Hall of his spot on the UFC roster. It was not a great performance by Hall, however, and he's going to have to step it up from here if he wants to continue in the UFC.


Anderson Silva. - Just a single year ago it was hard to think of someone dethroning the Middleweight king. Even Weidman, though given a strong chance, wasn't really expected to take the throne. Disregarding the odd circumstances of the main event, he managed to pull it off twice. It was an incredibly sad end to Silva's run and with his recent talk of retirement, I'd say it's unlikely we see him in the Octagon again. That's a huge loss for any MMA fan.

Miesha Tate - "Cupcake" had a big pop with TUF 18 but she wasn't able to pull off the win she needed. After two fights she's now succumbed to Rousey's signature maneuver twice and is likely in Rich Franklin territory. Lacking a loss from Rousey in the near future, Tate's title hopes are essentially gone.

Josh Barnett - "Warmaster" made a big impression when he returned to the UFC with a TKO over Mir. With his PED history, it was always unlikely that he got a chance to fiight for the title and this loss puts him far down the ladder.

Chris Leben - "The Crippler" has been the lovable loon since coming out of TUF 1. He was always a tough competitor but recently he's shown the signs of wear and tear in the Octagon. As a fan, it was hard to even see him step into the Octagon and hard to see him say "I'm done". Whether or not the UFC cuts him, I do not want to see him in the cage again.

The UFC - This isn't an insult to the event at all, but it's a consecutive hard shot to the promotion. If Silva returns, which I'd say is doubtful, he'll never be what he was as the Middlweight king. Having that following the hiatus of Georges St-Pierre is a huge blow to the organization.

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