UFC 168: Silva vs. Weidman - The Cut List

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

A few fighters will need a win to stay in the UFC on Saturday night in Vegas. Who are they?

The last event of the year is upon us, and the UFC's roster is bigger than ever. You'd think that one of the biggest events of 2013 would be stacked with top fighters, but it's kind of surprising how many guys are on the bubble for this one. Both challengers for the titles are coming off a loss, as are nine other fighters in the card. Only three are on multi-fight losing streaks though. Anyway, let's get right to it.

Likely to be cut with a loss

Uriah Hall - Dana White has made it quite clear that if Hall doesn't win this bout, he's getting the boot from the organization. After a great run on TUF he has lost his first two official UFC fights, and didn't look good at all in either of them. He either steps up here or plies his trade somewhere else.

Chris Leben - Despite his three-fight losing streak, Dana White was still praising Leben in the run-up to the event this week. Whether the guy was the TUF 1 anti-hero or not, he still needs to show the ability to compete at a UFC level. And he hasn't been doing that of late. A win here is absolutely vital if he wants to stay with the organization that brought him into the spotlight way back in 2005.

Bobby Voelker - While he shown a lot of heart in his first two UFC fights and he did step up on short notice for his last one, he has lost them both. And was brutally KO'd in the last one. He's back to fighting an opponent that he should have a good chance at beating, but if he doesn't the organization won't have much choice but to let him go.

Possibly cut with a loss

Fabricio Camoes - He hasn't fought in forever and is 1-1 in this UFC run. He's been given a main card spot and a fight against a really tough guy, so a second loss in a row might not mean the door. But it could.

William Macario - TUF Brazil 2 was pretty much a huge disappointment, and they haven't shown much patience at all in terms of getting rid of the cast. Macario did make the finals and that generally gets you a couple of fights, but a bad loss might very well be the end of his time in the octagon (at least for now - he is only 22 after all).

Estevan Payan - Generic Strikeforce guy with no name value and he lost his debut. Featherweight is getting much deeper and two losses in a row might be enough for them to jettison Payan.

Likely safe regardless of the outcome

Anderson Silva - Obviously he'd never be cut. There is the question of retirement though. During the press conference, he basically said no chance. Then he said the exact opposite to Ariel Helwani. So who knows. But if he does go out, it will be his choice and his choice only.

Chris Weidman - The guy who defeated Anderson Silva for the first time has a cemented roster spot, probably forever. Nothing that happens on Saturday night is going to change that. He could very well be a massive part of the future of the company.

Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate - Rousey is the women's division, and Tate has earned a lot of fans with her TUF coaching gig and just being good foil for the fiery women's champ. They're safe.

Josh Barnett and Travis Browne - They're top guys in a thin division. Unless one of them somehow failed the WADA testing, they're going to be around for a while.

Jim Miller - He's still one of the best lightweight fighters in the world, and he might have got a little lucky with his loss to Pat Healy being flipped to an NC. Either way, he's well-liked and will be around for a while longer.

Dustin Poirier and Diego Brandao - They're both super exciting fighters in a strong division, and Brandao was a TUF winner too. Even the most lopsided of victories isn't going to hurt the guy that comes up short.

Gleison Tibau and Michael Johnson - Tibau is a stalwart in the division, with this being his 21st UFC fight. Johnson may have been on the bubble after two straight losses, but his impressive win over Joe Lauzon in his last bout gave him a new lease on life. He'll get another shot even if he drops his third in four bouts.

Dennis Siver and Manny Gamburyan - Siver is another guy that's been around forever, and he regularly cashed bonus checks. Gamburyan has had an up-and-down career with the UFC and WEC, but he has rebounded lately with two big wins in a row. A loss here would hurt Gamburyan a lot more than Siver, but he'll be safe to see another day no matter what.

John Howard and Siyar Bahadurzada - Howard came back in on short notice and beat Uriah Hall, which will give him at least two more fights in the organization. Siyar lost his last one and has had some injury problems, but he's exciting on the feet and another loss isn't going to be enough to push him out.

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