Bloody Elbow Christmas Roundtable: What new UFC weight class should be added?

Jeff Vinnick/Zuffa LLC

The fourth in a series of Christmas roundtables has the Bloody Elbow staff debating what the next new weight class in the UFC should be.

Steph Daniels: Dana mentioned we would probably see another weight class in 2014 (I think it was 115 men's), what one would you like to see?

Tim Burke: Megaton. This must be done.

Hey, I rhymed.

KJ Gould: Cruiserweight. Somewhere between Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight. Up to 230lbs, perhaps.

Zane Simon: Other than Megaton, which is the most awesome weight class, obviously. I'd be fine with 115. I think Cruiserweight would just demolish HW and LHW for talent, so even though I like the mix of fighters who might be in it, I fear it terribly.

Steph Daniels: Personally, I'd like to see something between 155 and 170.

Iain Kidd: We could call it Diazweight, and it would be great.

David St. Martin: As a man with a George Costanza-like build, I'd like to see something where height comes into play. You can fight at 185, but no taller than 5'9.

Zane Simon: "Serraweight".

David St. Martin: Exactly. Why should height dictate where someone should fight? I used to train with Dave Kaplan of TUF 8 fame. At just 5'6, he could barely make 155 at an incredibly low body fat %. He would take weeks tempering down before putting himself through a brutal final weight cut.

Tim Burke: A 230-lb weight class is something a lot of people talked about when the monsters (Lesnar, Carwin) were running the UFC's HW division. But now, it seems like all the best guys are between 230 and 250 anyway so it wouldn't really mean a lot. I'd be down for a men's strawweight division, especially if they're going to beef up Asian cards. There might be a lot of specialists, but it'd be fun to watch. Overall though, I think it's just natural to bring in a women's 125-pound division next. Just for uniformity.

Chris Hall: I do not support the addition of any weight classes.

Tim Burke: You're awful.

Chris Hall: That's not news to anyone Timmy.

Mookie Alexander: Linekerweight.

Mike Riordan: Men's weights? There is such a thing in this world as the perfect amount. Anymore weights and the UFC starts to head down the path of boxing and absurd belt inflation.

Tim Burke: All I want for Christmas is Franklinweight. They could do a serious kick-ass tournament at 195 if they wanted to. They wouldn't, but still.

Chris Hall: I like the Franklinweight idea, but I don't think 205 is deep enough right now to suffer any loss of talent.

Tim Burke: Stop it with your logic, Hall. It's Christmas, this is no time for the truth.

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