Bloody Elbow Christmas roundtable: Minor pet peeves in MMA

Ethan Miller

The second in a series of Christmas roundtables looks at the minor MMA pet peeves of the Bloody Elbow staff.

Brent Brookhouse: What is a minor MMA pet peeve that drives you nuts? (Note: this is not things like "judges emphasizing the wrong part of the scoring criteria." that is major, not minor)

For me I'd go with the UFC's terminology of calling an overtime round "sudden victory."

The victory in the overtime round is no more sudden than in any other situation. "Sudden death" in sports was meant to reflect a "next point wins." A knockout or submission would end the fight in any round and you can still win without one of those in a "sudden victory" situation. So what does "sudden victory" mean?

Just call the damn thing an "overtime round" or "extra round" or "deciding round."

KJ Gould: Mike Goldberg and to an extent Joe Rogan being repetitive with turns of phrase. I physically wince and groan now whenever Goldberg days "Embrace the grind".

Iain Kidd: Mine is probably the apparently arbitrary nature the term "technical" is applied. Sometimes when a guy doesn't tap to a submission, it's a technical submission, sometimes it's not. It seems pretty random whether or not a KO becomes a TKO as well. It shouldn't bug me... but it does.

Tim Burke: How arm length (reach) is measured. Measuring it fingertip to fingertip (wingspan) gives an inaccurate assessment because it takes body size into account. For instance, Brock Lesnar does not have a longer reach than Alexander Gustafsson.

It should be measured shoulder to the end of the fist, like in boxing.

KJ Gould: What about leg reach (hip to instep, I guess)?

Richard Wade: "It's all over!" Get new shtick.

Ben Thapa: The inability to show walkouts with the song clearly displayed for us to see.

Tim Burke: Why would the UFC advertise for artists?

Ben Thapa: As in captioning for deaf people, Burke.

Tim Burke: Well when you put it that way...I'm going to stop talking now.

Brent Brookhouse: Ha! Tim looks like such a jerk now.

Chris Hall: That implies there are times when Tim doesn't look like a jerk.

Anton Tabuena: Okay, now that we've re-established that Tim's a dick, we can go back to the topic. My minor pet peeve: the overly sensitive personalities in MMA.

KJ Gould: Fighters trying to be comedians on social media. If that's what you want to do, switch careers, jackasses.

Zane Simon: The way fighters are regularly lauded for skills they don't have. Most particularly punching power, but also good footwork because they move their feet, and strong wrestling because they got a takedown.

KJ Gould: Corner advise that instructs a fighter to coast the last round because the assumption is he or she is up on points.

Tim Burke: Similar to that one, when corners just yell "GET UP!" over and over when a guy gets taken down. Thanks for that stellar advice, paid advisors.

KJ Gould: Fighters who have adopted the "train how I fight" mentality, then wonder why they keep getting injured and why their career is going nowhere.

Trent Reinsmith: How readily the sport as a whole accepts and more or less condones the use of TRT.

Oh, and the UFC's heavy handed marketing when they decide that they want to break into a new market. Cain Velasquez and Erik Perez in Mexico, and Conor McGregor in Ireland are the most obvious examples.

KJ Gould: Think TRT issue is more than a pet peeve, Trent.

Tim Burke: This might fall under "major", but the "YOOOOU AND MAAAAYYYYY" UFC 168 promo. I have to mute the damn TV every time it comes on (which seems like every 55 seconds).

KJ Gould: If that's not the chorus for a Nine Inch Nails song, I'll be disappointed.

Steph Daniels: My pet peeve is that when a fighter says they're ready to get a shot a Top 5 opponent, or God forbid, a title shot, fans get righteously indignant and positively incensed that a fighter would have the audacity to want to improve their standing or move up in their chosen career. How dare they think they're any good!

KJ Gould: Pet peeves over obnoxious fans standing on a soap box could be it's own article, Steph!

Tim Burke: I think the song is called "Happy Together" by Filter. But if I try to play it just to confirm that guess, I might throw up.

KJ Gould: I thought the only Filter song that gets used is 'Hey man, nice shot'. I bet none of the promoters know its reference to a literal political suicide, though. Whole new meaning to 'Let me bang, bro'.

Mookie Alexander: The over-usage of the word "utilize" by Goldberg, Rogan, Anik, and Florian. Can't go a fight without "utilizing his reach" or "utilizing the jab" or "utilizing his BJJ" or "utilizing his wrestling" or "utilizing his utilization".

It's brutal.

KJ Gould: Utility Belt for the next championship division.

Steph Daniels: So very true, KJ.

Zane Simon: Fighters who say that they aren't planning for their opponent, or haven't changed anything for a rematch and are just going to go out and "fight their fight." I'm looking at you JDS.

Fraser Coffeen: The predictability of Goldie's voiceover during the pre-fight hype package. "Engaged in a war" = the fighter lost. Just say he is coming off a loss and his back is to the wall - that's a perfectly compelling storyline.

Chris Hall: Joe Rogan. He can sometimes be on point with his commentary, but overall he's weak. He'll announce almost any submission attemp as "DEEP" then continue talking about it for a minute after it's been escaped. He ignores or doesn't recognize wrestling positions. And the worst is when he picks the fighter he thinks should win then harps about them the entire fight regardless of the action and their lack of success.

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