Bloody Elbow Christmas roundtable: Title shots we'd like to see in 2014


The first of a series of Christmas roundtables takes a look at who the Bloody Elbow staff wants to see in a title fight in 2014.

KJ Gould: Not who you think will, but who you'd like to see in a UFC title fight in 2014?

Brent Brookhouse: I want to see Alexander Gustafsson fight for the title. I know that seems like a weird choice given that he should get his rematch without much problem. But I loved that first fight with Jon Jones and I am paranoid that something will happen that derails it. A fluke loss, an injury, the UFC falling in love with the idea of rushing Cormier vs. Jones...something. So, while not the most creative or "out there" choice, it's what I want.

Oh...and Matt Brown. Always Matt Brown.

Iain Kidd: I'd love to see Nick Diaz get a shot at Hendricks/Condit/Whoever has the belt. Just walk in and get a title shot. The internet would explode and it would be glorious, plus his fights are always fun. Win/Win.

Anton Tabuena: If they win their next bouts, I'd like to see 2014 title shots for Lyoto Machida, Jon Jones at heavyweight, and Eddie Alvarez right when he crosses over.

Mookie Alexander: I want to see Machida against Chris Weidman (should Weidman beat Anderson Silva), Condit should not only be in a title fight but I hope it's on Fox. Lastly, Gilbert Melendez against Anthony Pettis.

Zane Simon: Personally I'd really like to see Khabib Nurmagomedov get a shot, just because I have no idea how he'd do.

Steph Daniels: I wanna see Linekar/Mighty Mouse

Swanson/Aldo 2



Connor Ruebusch: I'd love to see Aldo fight the winner of Melendez vs. Pettis, and Lamas vs. Swanson for the vacated featherweight title. And I have to second Anton and Mookie's sentiments about a Machida-Weidman fight for the middleweight title.

KJ Gould: I'll actually echo Matt Brown. I know Brent enjoys seeing him fight, and I've felt for a while he's replaced Chris Lytle as the must see, fan friendly fighting underdog at Welterweight. Lytle put together some wins but was derailed by the likes of Thiago Alves and Brian Ebersole before he could work his way to a title shot. He's even beaten Matt Brown, but Brown is on a surprising win streak against some very good names.

Dana White goes on about Mark Hunt being one of the best stories in sports, but honestly I think if Brown gets a title shot by continuing his win streak, his is the best story of 2014.

Tim Burke: Josh Barnett. If he gets through Browne and one more guy, I'd really love to see The Warmaster's promos leading up to a title bout. "That title is mine, no one ever beat me for it", etc.

KJ Gould: I'll add Jessica Aguilar fighting the Women's Straw Weight champion after this next TUF is all said and done.

Brent Brookhouse: I do think it'd be interesting to see if Barnett would be "allowed" to go wild about never having lost the title. I mean, that'd pull a lot of attention to WHY which might not be the best marketing strategy. But, at the same time, it's a really interesting angle to it. I'm curious how that'd play out.

Mookie Alexander: Barnett lost the title due to "circumstances".

KJ Gould: If a Demetrious Johnson vs Renan Barao super fight could happen next year, that'd make me a very happy combat sports fan.

Tim Burke: If the UFC wants us to pay 9.99 a month for regional-specific channels, I want regional-specific titles. Like the old Television Titles in wrestling's heyday. Or the European title. License out Dallas Winston's suggestion and have fighters on Asian cards compete to become the the King of Pancakes (still makes me laugh every time).

Basically I'm making these ridiculous suggestions because it's the only way Takanori Gomi will fight for a title. And that's what I want to see.

KJ Gould: Gomi vs Minowa superhulk title please.

Zane Simon: I'd take a Gegard Mousasi vs. Shogun Rua Franklinweight title.

Steph Daniels: Now that Shogun is dropping to MW, I'd love to see him fight Bisping.

Mookie Alexander: He's not dropping to MW. Fighting interviewed him today and said he wants another Lil Nog fight.

Steph Daniels: Ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh, let's just operate under my false assumptions Muckie!

Mookie Alexander: Bisping has teased a possible return to 205 (on Twitter the other day) so you might still get your wish!

Steph Daniels: I think that would be a great fight.

Fraser Coffeen: Tyrone Spong. :)

Actually, scratch that. You know who I REALLY want to see fighting for a UFC title in 2014? Ben Askren. And Eddie Alvarez. And Pat Curran. And Eduardo Dantas. Not because I hate Bellator and want them to fold up shop, but because I want to see the UFC's motto of the best in the world fighting the best in the world be true. Right now, those are fighters who are among the elite in their division - they just don't happen to be in the UFC. I would like to see what happens if they're there, and I'd like to see them against the best right away. (And yes, I left out Straus, Shlemenko, Minakov, Newton, and Vegh. Sorry.)

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