My day with Lyoto Machida and Shogun Rua

yeah, i know it's a cheesy title for a post, it sounds like a 10 year old girl "my day with Justin Bieber" story. But in a way that’s how I felt yesterday, like a 10 year old girl in front of Justin Bieber. That is if Justin Bieber had treetrunks for legs that could kick my head to Pluto…



Anyway, yesterday was held near Paris a 4 hours MMA seminar with my favourite fighter, namely Lyoto Machida, and the guy-that-KOd-my-favourite-fighter-but-whom-i-cannot-hate-because-he-is-awesome, namely Shogun Rua. Yes, both of them, almost hand in hand, as if they never had a war together, that was just all kind of awesome.

We participants were divided in teams, given a white a blue jersey for team Shogun, and yellow and black one for team Machida, that made us look like some kind of TUF participants.

Shogun showed us a few combos, a counter to the jab (head movement, uppercut, hook, and finally kick), a feint for a high kick, his infamous knees from the clinch, a defence to the clinch, and finally how to soccer kick a down opponent that is controlling you with his legs.

Machida, on the other hand, showed us a counter to the jab, a counter to the straight, and a nice combo knee, sweeping of the lead leg, spinning back kick and finishing with a jumping high kick.

After that we had a quick Q&A with the fighters. Not very informative, except when Shogun said that because of his heavy bones structure, there was no way he was moving down to MW. He said that he was at 104 kg (229 pounds) at this time. I guess that’s the price to pay when you have an adamantium chin, you can not cut weight off that. That’s what surprised me the most about Lyoto and Shogun: their size. I knew a TV screen kind of flatten things up and messes with proportions, I knew they would be bigger than me but boy I was not prepared for that. They are huuuuuge.

We then wrapped things up with a picture session with both fighters. Props to them to keep on smiling after the 300th pictures and all the fatigue and jet leg they suffered last few days.

So yes, this post is not very informative, but I still wanted to shout my joy to the world (still the 10 year old girl inside me). This event also proved, at least to me, that MMA legalization in France might not be completely born-dead after all. 360 people training together, in fun and respect, that’s quite something.

PS: sorry in advance for the weird sentences or crappy grammar, English is not my mother tongue.

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