Anderson Silva: UFC 162 loss to Chris Weidman just a bad day at work


Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva says his knockout loss to Chris Weidman at UFC 162 was nothing more than him having a bad day at work

On December 28, Anderson Silva will look to regain a hunk of metal that had previously been in his possession for 2,457 consecutive days. The hunk of metal in question is the UFC Middleweight title, which is currently in the possession of Chris Weidman, and has been since July 6 of this year.

A left hook from Weidman separated Silva from his title, as well as his consciousness on that July night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Silva's chance at redemption will come at the same arena when he and Weidman headline UFC 168.

Silva recently opened up his Muay Thai College in Torrance, CA to discuss his upcoming fight against Weidman.

In the aftermath of his first loss in the UFC, some wondered if time had finally caught up with the 38-year old Silva. In the mind of the former champion, the loss had nothing to do with age, it was just a bad day at the office, "Sometimes you have a good day working, some times you have a bad day working," Silva said. "My last fight was my bad day."

According to Silva, the reason for that bad day was that his mental preparation for that fight was lacking. To rectify that, Silva made it clear that being mentally prepared for Weidman was one of the things he focused on during training camp. Silva revisited the subject of mental preparation numerous times during the course of his 22-minute conversation with the media.

Age was one factor that some felt played a part in Silva's loss to Weidman. The other factor that was mentioned a great deal in the aftermath of UFC 162 was the taunting (some would say clowning) Silva employed throughout his first meeting with Weidman. When asked about those antics, the former champion said, "I go into inside the Octagon for a fight, I'm not joking because it's dangerous."

However, Silva stopped short of saying that he would come to the MGM Grand with a different game plan on December 28. To that inquiry, he just smiled and said, "Maybe."

Many questions that were posed to Silva received short answers, like when he was asked what he felt about Weidman saying he was going to be looking for another finish. The reply to that one was delivered with a grin, "I'm scared."

Silva saved his lengthiest replies for questions that were focused on his past and future.

When asked about the fact that he almost retired when he was fighting under the Pride banner in the early 2000's, he thanked the Nogueira brothers for talking him out of hanging up his gloves, "I need to say thank you because the guys gave me a chance to realize my dream."

As for his future, that question focused on his legacy, something Silva said had a great deal of importance to him, "The people in five, maybe ten years will say, ‘This guy changed the sport. For five years, this guy fought the best.'

In Brazil I have a program for kids, and I see the kids say ‘Oh my gosh, one day I'll fight because you changed my life.' This is important for me, to change life for the kids, and the new champions."

That reply focused on Silva's fairly distant future. His immediate future was also addressed. When asked if fans would see the best Anderson Silva when he steps into the Octagon on December 28, he replied with a nod and a smile, "Yeah, trust me."

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