Top picks for "Knockout of the Year"

2013 has been a year of plenty for us mma fans, and after one of the poorest years in 2012 it has been nice. This year we have been subjected to some of the best knockouts in MMA history, many being expected and some not so expected but none the less spectacular. Here are my top picks for "Knockout of the year".

1. Chris Weidman KO's Anderson Silva ( UFC 162 , 1:18 Rd. 2 )

At UFC 162 Anderson Silva put his Middleweight Title on the line against Undefeated challenger Chris Weidman, with many people not giving the Long Island native a chance against the long time champ. Many believed Weidman's only way to victory was a wrestling dominate decision victory. Fast forward to the second round; Weidman catches silva with a perfectly placed left hook and out go the lights, Silva drops like a brick and Weidman closes in for the finish. With the significance of the fight and the un-expectancy of the finish makes this is a solid choice for KO of the year.

2. Antonio Silva TKO's Alistair Overeem ( UFC 156, 0:25 Rd. 3 )

Alistair Overeem was on a 10 fight win streak with 9 finishes. Antonio Silva was 1-2 in his last 3 with both losses coming by way of finish, one of them being an absolute brutalizing TKO loss to Cain Velasquez. To be frank many people were looking at "Bigfoot" as if he was being feed to the wolves, with everyone looking past him except himself. At the end of the 2nd round it looked as if "Bigfoot" was well on his way to losing a Decision and knew he needed a finish coming into the final frame, and somehow he found what he needed. Seconds into the third round Silva connected with a Big punch and then went to work hitting Overeem with everything he had in his arsenal and connecting with what seemed perfect accuracy. Being one of the biggest upsets of the year and one of the best heavyweight barrages of all time puts this one high on the list for Knockout of the year.

3. Belfort TKO's Rockhold ( UFC: Belfort vs. Rockhold, 2:32 Rd. 1 )

Coming off of a Knockout win over Michael Bisping, Vitor Belfort was riding high and it showed in his next fight. Many thought that the former Strikeforce champion in Luke Rockhold would be too much for the ageing Belfort but come fight night that wasn't the case. After a brief feeling out process and some minor exchanges; Belfort stalked his opponent across the cage and timed a perfect spinning heel kick that landed perfectly on Rockholds chin. The spectacular move finished the fight and might also finish as KO of the year.

4. Emanuel Newton finishes 'King Mo' ( Bellator 90, 2:35 Rd. 1 )

Going into Bellator 90 "King Mo" was riding high after a first round knockout in his Bellator debut, and was expected to do big things in Bellator's Light-Heavyweight Division, but this didn't matter to Emanuel Newton. Midway through the first frame Emanuel took an chance and threw a picture perfect spinning back-fist and connected square on Lawal's Chin, instantly dumping the "King" off his throne. Later in the year the two would meet again and Newton would come out victorious again proving that this was no fluke.

5. Travis Browne Drops Alistair Overeem ( UFC: Shogun vs Sonnen, 4:08 Rd. 1 )

Standing 6'8 Travis Browne has the power that every heavyweight has, and can change a fight with a single punch... or Kick. Coming off a Fast, but controversial KO win over Gabriel Gonzaga, Browne was set to face the biggest test off his career in "The reem" Although Overeem was coming off a KO loss many were giving him the nod over Browne as he was the favourite coming into this Heavyweight fight; and this night it showed. "The reem" took it to Browne dropping him in the first with some of the most vicious body shots ever thrown. Overeem followed up with a barrage of punches that seemed like they would finish the fight but somehow Browne dug deep and got back to his feet. With a minute left in the first round Browne threw a leaping front kick that connected on "The reem" that put the lights out. With the incredible comeback and rarity of the move that caused the Knockout puts this one on the short list for Knockout of the Year.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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