Penn State vs Iowa Wrestling: The Combat Sports Event to Watch Live Discussion

Tonight, at 9 pm EST, on Big Ten Network and Big Ten To Go, the top-ranked Penn State Nittany Lions take on the third-ranked Iowa Hawkeyes in one of the biggest duals of the year, and the biggest combat sports event of the weekend. Bloody Elbow is here with a live discussion.

Let's get ready to wresttttttttttllllllllllle!!!!

In one corner we have the wrestling team from Pennsylvania State University. They have won national championships the last three years in a row. Cael Sanderson, their coach, can claim the only undefeated four year record in NCAA Division I wrestling history, and he has won an Olympic gold medal. He was wrestling's golden boy, and now he is wrestling's King Midas. Since he took over the Penn State program he seems to have done everything right, and his very touch appears to produce gold medals.

In the other corner the University of Iowa wrestling team stands ready. Through the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's, under the leadership of Dan Gable, Iowa became to college wrestling what UCLA once was to college basketball. Now, Tom Brands, Gable's favorite disciple and an Olympic gold medalist in his own right, seeks to guide Iowa to a fourth national title under his leadership, and to reclaim the program's rightful place at the top of the college wrestling universe.

The meet will happen tonight in Iowa City, Iowa, in Carver Hawkeye Arena, where mile after mile of the surrounding cornfields will yield more than 15,000 fans, most clothed in black and gold, screaming their support for their beloved Iowa Hawkeyes.

These fans, the greatest fans in college wrestling, may leave disappointed, as Penn State brings one hell of a wrestling team into frigid planes of Iowa.

Here we have the probable lineups:

Projected Lineups for #1 Penn State vs. #3 Iowa

Iowa Penn State
125: #4 Cory Clark (Fr. 9-0) vs #3 Nico Megaludis (JR. 10-1)
133: #3 Tony Ramos (Sr. 8-1) vs #15 Jimmy Guilibon (Fr. 4-5)
141: #10 Josh Dziewa (Jr. 10-1) vs #2 Zain Retherford (Fr. 11-0)
149: Michael Kelly (Jr. 9-1) vs Zack Beitz (Fr. 6-4)
157: #1 Derek St. John (Sr. 11-0) vs James Vollrath (Sr. 8-3)
165: #4 Nick Moore (Jr. 5-0) vs #1 David Taylor (Sr. 11-0)
174: #6 Mike Evans (Jr. 11-0) vs #3 Matt Brown (Jr. 11-0)
184: #2 Ethen Lofthouse (Sr. 10-0) vs #1 Ed Ruth (Sr. 11-0)
197: Sammy Brooks (Fr. 9-3) vs #3 Morgan Mcintosh (So. 10-0)
285: #3 Bobby Telford (Jr. 6-0) vs #12 Jimmy Lawson (Jr. 10-0)

I'd like to note that it appears Penn State's highly rated Alton twins may weigh in at 149 and 157. They are near the end of their recovery period for surgeries, and present a serious wild card in this dual. Penn State may also start Jorsan Conaway at 133.

Now to close, let's play some word/phrase association with each wrestler. Each wrestler gets three words or phrases.


Megaludis: battle tested, technical, surgical

Clark: Rangy, rugged, unlimited potential


Ramos: brawler, kneepull singler, really the best wrestler in the country at his weight

Gulibon: talented, super-quick, under-powered to the point where he has serious problems getting out from bottom


Josh Dzeiwa: paid his dues, he's pretty darned good, inexplicably his last name is pronounced "jeva"

Zain Retherford: super freshman, immaculate technique, he's a cadet world champion and beat Logan Stieber


Mike Kelly: God bless him ( I mean that sincerely) he works hard, tries hard and wrestles hard, but he just ain't that good. Dagummit, I wish he were better.

Zach Beitz: third string, bumped up 141 pounder, still might win if he wrestles tonight


Derek St. John: national champ, tough bastard, occasionally annoying to watch

James Vollrath: one of the best career back ups ever, can keep it close with anyone


Nick Moore: classic Iowa guy, will probably be an All American this year, can beat anyone in the country except for David Taylor

David Taylor: will either pin or tech fall every opponent unless the opponent stalls most the match, will look incredible and beat Nick Moore by at least a major, nation's best wrestler


Mike Evans: should be nicknamed Frank Castle, because when he's in the top position, he is the Punisher, needs more variety on his feet, can beat anyone in the country

Matt Brown: most fit ROTC cadet in the country, mean dude built like a tree stump, national finalist last year


Ethan Lofthouse: ranked second in the country, stopped being boring during last year's post season, back to being very very boring, I think the Brands brothers are going to kill him

Ed Ruth: 2 time returning national champ, I can't possibly overstate how talented he is, usually looks like he is bored and not trying


Sam Brooks: might win a national championship at 184 in a year or two, traditional Iowa mentality, very good on top

Morgan Macintosh: technically sound, will beat almost everyone in the nation consistently, despite what they say still undersized at 197


Bobby Telford: Delaware destroyer, a giant who already has accomplished a ton but can do so much more, could really use a tanning bed

Jimmy Lawson: spent two years playing college football before switching to wrestling at Penn State, insanely talented, when he puts it together can beat anyone and everyone.

I hope you enjoy the meet between two of the best wrestling teams in the country

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