BECW: The Quiz

No Civil War event this week but fear not. I am here to bring you festive CivilWariness in your time of need. First person to get all the answers correct will win 100 internet points and a virtaul pat on the back, See how many you can remember. Also, during the research for this event I spent a lot of time reading old draft and sign up sheets and they are some wonderful memories. Whats your favourite BECW moment?


1) Name 3 players from the original Bloody Elbow team that faced MMA Mania.

2) Name 1 from the Mania team.

3) What was the first event in the BECW?

4) What was the first hot bout?

5) Since then only one UFC event has not been a part of the BECW. Name It.

6) Name 3 team names from the first season.

7) What captain used their first round pick to draft Subo with hilarious consequences?

8) What was the screen name of the Juggalo?

9) BE Member CrazyBones was the only player to score above average for every event in season 1 and won the individual title. Which player was drafted above him in the next season’s draft? (Bonus point if you know why)

10) The pre season sign up threads started with the same comment 2 seasons in a row. What was the comment?

11) Which captain has won the most team titles?

12) Complete this legendary BE Draft comment: ‘Computer being attacked by Japanese Schoolgirl porn virus. _____________’

13) What did I.N.E.P.T. stand for in Season 2?

14) According to the Season 3 draft what did JDH use to make his parents get a divorce?

15) Who holds the all-time single event point record? (Bonus point if you get his score)

16) Which player decided the Season 4 title by having the only Cain Velasquez pick over Junior Dos Santos in their UFC 155 rematch?

17) What was the meaning behind ScorecardOTN’s team name L.O.L.?

18) Who is, statistically speaking, the worst player to have made picks for every BECW event?

19) Who is the best?

20) Who was anonymous user 45?

21) What was the meaning behind Tim Burkes team name ‘As Real As It Gets’?

22) Which BE menace was perma-banned for laughing at somones cat dying during a draft thread?

23) What was the name of the tottenham ‘expert’ and season ticket holder who was banned during a live thread despite not even being part of the BECW?

24) Which captain infamously ‘ragequit’ after failing to make the play offs?

25) Snake drafts are complex devices. Which 3 captains have struggled to grasp the concept?

TIEBREAKER QUESTION: What is the best team name in BECW history? (It has to match what I think it is to get the point)

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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