Agon Wrestling Championships II: How to Watch and Who is Competing

Sunday, December 22 at 2pm EST, Agon Wrestling Championships will hold its second card. This time the promotion heads to Flint, Michigan. Bloody Elbow's wrestling specialist, Mike Riordan, brings you the details on what promises to be a great event.

Agon Wrestling Championships marks the latest attempt to market a typically amateur wrestling style as a professional sport. Agon, however, uses a different paradigm in the packaging and presentation of its product. Taking a cue from the Metamoris grappling event held earlier this year, Agon's card follows an MMA inspired format, holding a limited number of big-name matches which lead up to a main event.

This is an approach to the promotion of non-worked wrestling which has not been for quite long time, and even the slightest bit of curiosity should provide enough reason to watch. Fortunately, last night Agon matchmaker Ben Askren revealed to Bloody Elbow that the promotion will provide a free live video stream from its homepage at

The Agon WC II Matches

Max Askren vs. Sam Wendland

Askren, the younger sibling of Ben, a University of Missouri product, three-time All American, NCAA champion and legitimate Olympic hopeful wrestles University of Wyoming alumnus Wendland, a four-time NCAA division I national tournament qualifier.

Andy Simmons vs. Kellen Russell

Andy Simmons, a two-time All American from Michigan State faces Kellen Russell, an Olympic hopeful who earned All American honors three times while winning two national titles for the University of Michigan.

Ben Bennet vs. Cam Simaz

A battle of four-time NCAA All Americans, Bennet wrestled for the quietly excellent Central Michigan University program, and Simaz's college career called Cornell home. Simaz won an NCAA championship in 2012

Brent Metcalf vs. Chris Bono

Metcalf, the beloved of the University of Iowa Hawkeye faithful, made the NCAA finals three times as a college wrestler, winning it twice. He has also earned a spot on two United States Freestyle Wrestling World Teams, and currently should be viewed as the favorite to represent the U.S. at his weight at the 2016 Olympics. He is known for grinding opponents into little nubs, and then angrily kicking that nub around the mat until the nub's parents start to cry and beg him to stop, which he won't, because he wants to make sure the nub is psychologically broken for the rest of its life.

Bono wrestled his way into two NCAA finals while claiming All American honors three times for Iowa State University. He also has represented the United States at world championships, and won an NCAA championship way back in 1996. What he lacks in youth, he more than makes up for with toughness and massive strength.


Agon WC features an interesting hybridization of American folkstyle wrestling rules with freestyle wrestling rules. The rules claim the following features:

  • Three three-minute periods. All start on the feet. One minute rest between periods.
  • Untimed sudden death overtime.
  • Takedown is worth two points and American folkstyle control standards apply.
  • Step-out is worth two point, two supporting points must land complete outside the circle.
  • Escapes are worth no points.
  • Reversals are worth two points and folkstyle control standards apply.
  • Instant two points awarded for back exposure past 90 degrees.
  • Exposure held for more two or more seconds receives an additional point.
  • Wrestlers only have thirty seconds to secure a turn upon a takedown or reversal, then the wrestlers get stood up.

There is no prohibition against locking hands, and no potentially dangerous calls, though outright submissions holds are not allowed.

Keep checking back with Bloody Elbow for updates and a live-discussion thread for Agon WC II.

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