Who will fill out the rest of the TUF Strawweight cast?

So, I moved some of this from my write up on all the official strawweight contestants.

Wombat Sports:

Among those who stated who will be at the TUF tryouts are Lisa Ellis, Jessica Philippus, Cassie Rodish, Amber Stratzenberger (sic), Ashley Cummins, Brianna Van Buren, Jordan Gaza, Amy Cadwell, Nina Ansaroff, Stephanie Skinner, Cassie Robb,... Glena Avila, and Randa Thomas.

Other fighters that have stated: Celine Haga, Tessa Simpson, Liva von Plettenberger (if she's in the USA at the time)

If I were to choose five from this list based on talent level only:

1. Lisa Ellis

2. Nina Ansaroff (very surprising, she didn't even make flyweight at Invicta 7)

3. Amber Stautzenberger

4. Liva von Plettenberger

5. I'm not sure. Is a good-great atomweight like Haga, Simpson or Rodish better than an average Strawweight?

And it's confirmed #1 Jessica Aguilar has a fight wtih WSOF on January 18th against Alida Gray... so the likelihood of Aguilar or Gray attending the TUF tryouts just lessened, even though Gray has publicly announced she will attend the try outs, and she has been extremely active.

Who else?

Anyone on my top 25 strawweight ranking that can speak English.

Fujino, and all the Brazillians (I'm not even sure about Juliana Lima, her Twitter/Facebook is not in English) at the end are the red flags for English.

Michelle Wateson, Jessica Penne, Lisa Ellis Ward, and actually anyone in my atomweight ranking that can speak English too

1. Michelle Waterson - yes

2. Jessica Penne - yes

3. Simona Soukapova - maybe (english good enough?)

From SS' coach:


4. Cassie Rodish - yes

5. Lacey Schuckman - yes

6. Seo Hee Ham - english

7. Stephanie Frausto - yes

8. Lisa Ellis - yes

9. Naho Sugiyama - no

10. Alex Chambers - already in

11. Amber Brown - says her focus is 105

12. Sadae Numata - english

13. Kikuyo Ishikawa - no

14. Celine Haga - yes

shout out too D.E.O. ^

15. Tessa Simpson - yes

You can check out my piece that had fighters themselves saying if they were interested in UFC strawweight, such as Tessa Simpson.

Anyone from flyweight in my ranking that can make the cut and stay there (none of this Zoila Gurgel Bellator BS)

Michelle Ould could happen, Courtney Casey is only 5 ft 2, and I really wish Carina Damm would give it a shot. But, that's probably a "pipe dream".

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