A rough english translation "Georges St-Pierre: la nuit des longs couteaux." The much discussed La Presse article.

Original Article

My French is alright, but it's not perfect. I'm sure there are some parts I messed up a bit. However, this article has been the center point of a lot of discussion, so I figured I'd take a stab at making it more accessible to French-less readers. Feel free to post corrections and I'll do my best to update as I can.

A lie from Dana White. A worker for the UFC prohibited GSP from participating in the post-fight presser. The champ had to force his way between security guards in order to speak with reporters.

Georges St-Pierre gave his version of the events which took place on strange night of November 16th in Las Vegas. And, as GSP says, the UFC would have preferred that he maintained his silence in the hours following his controversial victory over Johny Hendricks.

On Friday, La Presse asked St-Pierre if he thought the actions of the UFC boss following the fight were classless. In his interview, Dana White said that Hendricks had won soundly and that St-Pierre had no right to take a break without offering the rematch, adding that St-Pierre’s post-fight comments were "weird."

Georges St-Pierre had lots to say about that. "Here is what happened on the 16th of November" he starts...

In the moments following the fight, he returned to his locker room at the MGM Grand for stitches under his eyes. When he arrived, he had to wait a long time for the doctors to arrive.

At the same time and in the same building, the usual post-fight presser was starting. UFC President Dana White was at the podium. He stated that Hendricks would be arriving shortly and that St-Pierre would not be attending the conference.

"Georges left the octagon and got into an ambulance heading directly to the hospital" White said. This was false.

Meanwhile in the locker room, the doctor finally arrived. St-Pierre got the needed attention and took the time to grab a shower and put on his suit. He had the intention of meeting with the media. He is the champion, he has the belt, he understands that it was a close fight, and he wants to give his take on the result.

The stitches done, St-Pierre got up and asked a UFC press agent where he needed to go for the presser. At this moment the event was well underway. Johny Hendricks was in there stating that he had won the fight while one unoccupied chair sat on the stage, that of Georges St-Pierre.

"You don’t need to go to the conference," the press agent argued with GSP.

"I want to go to the press conference because there was controversy after my fight and I would like to explain and make things clear!" responded the fighter.

"No, no, really, you don’t need to go!"

"No, no, I need to go!" retorted St-Pierre, who started walking towards the conference room.

"Georges, you don’t have the right to go! You aren’t supposed to go!" cried the press officer.

"I said oh yes, I’m going!" And I squeezed past security. I swear, it’s true.

White as Sheets.

A murmur ran through the room when GSP appeared. "I arrived on the scene at the presser and everyone was as pale as bedsheets. I didn’t know why, I thought that maybe something had happened.

St-Pierre took his seat and was immediately asked if he thought he had won the fight. He was bombarded with questions about his intentions, his announced need for a break, his return and his potential retirement.

"I don’t know, I need to think" he replied.

At some point, Dana White interrupted a reporter who was about to ask Georges about his break from fighting. "Don’t answer that question. Do not ask him any more questions on that subject. We will talk; he does not want to talk to you. He and I will have a private meeting and we’ll talk" said the UFC president.

Shortly after, Dana White disappears with Georges St-Pierre. He returned fifteen minutes later. White reported that St-Pierre had confided in him the nature of his private issues. "He thinks that they are serious, but they are not the end of the world" he said to the remaining reporters.

White then swept aside Georges’ plans for a break. According to him, everything was settled. The rematch with Johny Hendricks would go ahead with no problems. The greatest champion, the cash cow of the UFC, would return to the octagon.

White seemed to say, "There is nothing to see, move along."

Now, we know that things did not go as well as he said. The rematch will not be taking place. GSP has vacated his title. He has turned his back, for now at least, on the money, accolades and the UFC.

The Catch

Dana White denies trying to silence his champion. At the end of the week, he argued that he had been misinformed by his staff, saying that they were the ones who had told him GSP had gone straight to the hospital and would not be attending the conference.

"We never tell the guys not to attend the pressers. We especially don’t say that to Georges St-Pierre after a championship fight" he assured.

Then White suggested that the American media didn't really grasp St-Pierre’s version of the story, since it had been delivered in French. "When Georges told us his side of the story, it was lost in translation" he said. This is untrue, once again.

The day after the long night of back-and-forth, a reporter from la Presse, sent a message to Georges’ mentor to find out more of what happened after the fight.

Kristof Midoux, his first trainer, had a thoughtful response, especially in the light of GSP’s comments.

"Dana can buy or bully many fighters" wrote Midoux "but Georges is free and yesterday he earned that freedom like a gladiator. He is no longer anybody’s plaything.

We will never know exactly what happened the night of November 16th, except maybe that St-Pierre refuses to be muzzled, he stood up to what others fear, and he refused to be forced to hunker down. In summary, he is a champion right to the end.

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