UFC on FOX 9: Zach Makovsky 'The real world champions are in the UFC'

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Freshly signed UFC flyweight, Zach Makovsky discusses the positive steps he's taking toward his ultimate goal, his disregard for the odds and why he doesn't think the Octagon Jitters will be a factor for him.

Zach Makovsky has been leading a very promising career, spanning across several promotions and netting him two titles in the process. The 31 year old Pennsylvania resident is coming off back to back victories, with a championship win being his most recent, from the East Coast staple, RFA. Tonight, he'll fight for the big daddy promotion of them all, the UFC, for the first time in his career. This is the moment that every young fighter that's decided to choose mixed martial arts as a career path dreams of.

Zach faces off against super tough Scott Jorgensen as a late replacement for the injured John Dodson. Both have strong wrestling backgrounds and similar levels of experience, with Jorgensen having the better resume of past opponents. This will be his third outing at Flyweight, but will be Scott's first attempt.

The general consensus is that Makovsky is being ‘thrown to the wolves' in his first UFC fight, with the odds heavily favoring Jorgensen. I recently spoke with Zach, who feels that he's right where he belongs, and has the skills to beat anyone in the Flyweight division.

I'm incredibly excited. I think anytime you're in a professional sport, your goal is to compete at the highest level, and that's obviously the UFC. It's a huge step for me, a huge honor. I'm incredibly excited about it, but I also have bigger goals. This is just one more step, but a big step [laughs].

It's always been my goal to fight in the UFC, but that's not where it stops. I hope to have a very good career and pick up the title along the way. Of course being a champion in any organization is a great honor, but I think everybody knows who the real world champions are. The vast majority of the best fighters in the world are in the UFC. It's where everyone aspires to be.

There's no question that this is going to be a very tough fight, and Jorgensen is one of the top guys. He's fought for belts and was at or near the top of the 135 pound division for a while. It doesn't matter to me what the odds are. I'm not delusional; I know he's going to be one of my toughest fights, but I think I have the skills to beat anyone at 125.

When it comes to the infamous ‘Octagon jitters', many fighters have stated that they don't feel it's a real issue, however, when they have their first UFC fight, a good portion of those deniers admit that the overwhelming atmosphere invariably got to them in some way or other. Makovsky feels that his constant mindset for any fight involves a decent amount of pressure on himself, so it just might cancel out to some degree.

I can only speak to what I've gone through so far, but pretty much for every fight, I have the same feeling. It's a feeling of nerves and the pressure I put on myself to perform. The stage, whether it was a small regional show with 100 people in the audience or a nationally televised Bellator title fight, it's never been different. I've never felt different. I don't expect to feel any different for this fight, because I will already have the nerves and pressure to perform going into the fight, just like I always do.

Zach Makovsky vs Scott Jorgensen will be on the televised portion of the prelims via FOX Sports 1.

You can follow Zach via his Twitter account, @ZachFunSize

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