The Ultimate Fight Collection 2013 Contest: The year of the rematch.



"Ain't gon' be no rematch!"

"Don't want one"

The famous words uttered at the end of Rocky 1, alas they'd be a lie. Quickly turning into not only a rematch but a trilogy. After all the first was so good and did well financially, a rematch would sell itself, besides who doesn't love a rematch? This will be a look back at rematches of 2013 in the UFC.

I've dubbed 2013 the year of the rematch, particularly the ending half (early 2013 had little to no rematches). Looking back at the year the first rematch of 2013 in UFC that catches my eye is Faber vs Menjivar 2 at UFC 157. Urijah had won the first fight due to a DQ from Menjivar kicking him whilst Faber was down. In the rematch Faber won again this time with an awesome backpacking rear naked that looked similar to an attempt from Liz Carmouche on Rousey in the same night. This is what kicked off 2013's The year of the rematch.

Next came Velasquez vs Bigfoot 2 at UFC 160 on May 25th, we all recall the first fight. I've seen less blood in horror movies. To this day flashbacks of that fight still show up in my nightmares. The rematch however wouldn't have nearly as much bloodshed as Cain managed to end it in just 1:21 of the first round after dropping Bigfoot, getting his back and landing a few more shots before the ref stepped in.

Then on June 8th a UFC on Fuel TV card featured Big Nog vs Werdum 2. Their last fight being at the Pride Openweight Gran Prix Quarterfinal in which Big Nog won via Unanimous Decision. The second wouldn't go so well for Big Nog nor fans of the veteran fighter as Werdum, a well regarded grappler in his own right, managed to submit Big Nog with an Armbar midway through the second round.

On August 28th a UFC Fight Night had been headlined by Condit vs Kampmann 2, the prior match also being a fight night of which both men had headlined back in 2009. In the first fight Kampmann won in two of three judges eyes, walking away with a (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) split decision in his favor. Not liking the taste of that loss Condit went after it in the rematch being the aggressor for much of the fight and earning himself a TKO early in the 4th round in a bout that would get FOTN.

Just 3 days later we'd have UFC 164 a rematch that everybody was looking forward to, Henderson vs Pettis 2. The first fight was a back and forth technical match that is perhaps most famous for the amazing "Showtime Kick" which was of course Pettis jumping off the cage, kicking Benson in the face in something I can only describe as Matrix-y. The first fight had Pettis walking away with Benson's WEC belt and a shot at the UFC belt he wouldn't receive until now. Once again Benson rose to the top of the division winning the belt only for Pettis to take it again. This time in a more solidifying performance Pettis (a BJJ purple belt) caught Benson (a BJJ black belt) in an Armbar late in the first round.

October 19th (a day after my birthday) marked perhaps the greatest card in UFC history, amazing fights top to bottom, particularly Melendez vs Sanchez which was a bit one sided but entertaining nonetheless. In the main event we got to see Velasquez vs JDS 3. The first fight saw an hour long program to watch Cain get KO'd in just over a minute. The second fight was a one sided fight where JDS showed his huge heart but resulted in a UD loss and a face like Sloth from The Goonies. The post fight was very heartbreaking even as someone rooting for Cain, fans booing a man who took a 25 minute long beating then watching Junior try to apologize "HEYYYY YOUUUU GUYYYYZZZ why you boo me?".

The third fight was very interesting on paper, the first fight showed Junior had the power to end the fight at any moment and the second showed if Cain could implement his game plan and not get touched he can keep a pace for 25 minutes that'd shock a track star. The third fight would look a lot like the second, Junior never getting the opportunity to connect, instead pure domination from Cain. Late in the fifth and final round Junior tried to wrap up a standing guillotine and Cain pulled downward causing Junior to bang his head on the canvas stunning himself as Cain threw a few more punches before earning himself a 5th round TKO win.

This Saturday on Fox we have another rematch as Mighty Mouse and Benavidez meet for the second time. The first fight was fast paced and we saw the underdog Mighty Mouse walk away with a (48-47, 47-48, 49-46) Split decision. This time around however I feel it will be much different. If Benavidez can find Mighty Mouse I think he can end the fight Mighty Mouse is rather elusive though but as are most of these lighterweight guys. With Duane Ludwig in his corner and having finished his last two opponents via body shot TKO's I think Benavidez may be taking home the gold this Saturday.

At UFC 168 the last event of the year both the main and co-main are title fight rematches. The first being in the Women's Bantamweight division as Ronda Rousey and Meisha Tate fight for the second time. The first time being in Strikeforce in which Tate was the champion and Rousey managed to keep her record undefeated all with first round armbars as she bent Tate's arm in a way it shouldn't. Tate who is 1-1 since that fight was given this title shot after Cat Zingano beat Tate via TKO but had to withdraw from the Rousey fight due to injury. I see the second fight going the way of the first.

Also at UFC 168 is a fight many fans are looking forward to, Weidman vs Silva 2. The first fight saw Chris Weidman, the underdog, shock the world by knocking out Silva in the second round while Silva played around seemingly toying with Weidman as Silva has done on numerous occasion with his other opponents. It would mark the first time Silva lost in the UFC snapping his 7 year, 17 fight undefeated streak with the company. Earning Weidman KOTN and likely upset of the year as many thought Silva would win and those who thought Weidman would win (myself included) never pondered the thought of him winning in such a fashion.

As for the rematch I honestly have no clue how this fight will end up. Perhaps that is its biggest draw for me, the fact that anything can happen. Silva might return to his focused, elusive, insanely quick, precision striking that he has been before. Or perhaps Weidman comes in much like the first and catches Silva again, I think Weidman's trainer Ray Longo sold it for me the most when all I could think is Weidman will get destroyed in the rematch when he said "I see one guy getting older, and one guy getting better".

Potential rematches galore for next year as GSP wins a controversial decision over Hendricks, the AMAZING Hunt vs Bigfoot goes to a draw, Jones wins a controversial decision over Gustafsson, if Benson Henderson beats Thomson we may see Bendo vs Pettis 3, and Mighty Mouse won a close decision over Dodson that was a bit controversial.

In conclusion, rematches are awesome. Who do you think will win the rematches that are happening later this month?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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