UFC Fight Night 32: Belfort vs. Henderson - Live results and play-by-play for Facebook prelims

Live results and thoughts on the first five fights from UFC Fight Night 32. The fights will all stream live on Facebook and YouTube.

UFC Fight Night 32 goes down tonight, live from Goiânia Arena in Goiânia, Brazil. The main event of the The action gets underway at 5:30 p.m. ET with five fights that will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. The main card gets going at 8 p.m. ET live on Fox Sports 1.

Before the main card and the main event rematch between Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort, this post will provide live results for all the prelim action.

Here's how the five fight preliminary card breaks down:

Featherweight - Godofredo Pepey vs. Sam Sicilia

Middleweight - Thiago Perpetuo vs. Omari Akhmedov

Lightweight - Thiago Tavares vs. Justin Salas

Lightweight - Adriano Martins vs. Daron Cruickshank

Flyweight - Jose Maria Tome vs. Dustin Ortiz

You can also watch the prelim bouts right here live on Bloody Elbow.

Make sure that you come back and check out our live results and share your thoughts on the night's action in the comments as the bouts go down.

Jose Maria Tome vs. Dustin Ortiz - Round 1 -Ortiz coming forward and Maria throws a spinning backfist immediately. Ortiz ducks a punch and lands aright but Maria takes him down and works to take the back. Maria has the back but Ortiz is standing and is able to spin around while Maria pushes him into the cage. Maria with another takedown and he has the back as Ortiz stands again. They're back to distance now. Ortiz with a leg kick. Left hand lands for Ortiz. Knee to the cup from Ortiz in the clinch. Maria takes a few minutes to recover and they restart. A few big leg kicks from Maria. Maria with a right hand and he gets inside and has the back standing but Ortiz spins and gets double underhooks. Ortiz on top on the ground now and landing a few elbows. Ortiz with the takedown and Maria is looking for an arm-in guillotine. 10-9 Maria in a fun round.

Round 2 - Maria with a few leg kicks to the lead leg of Ortiz. Ortiz is starting to have some trouble getting into range and getting off due to those leg kicks. Right hand lands for Maria and now two more that catch Ortiz off balance a little bit. Ortiz with another low blow. Maria going to the leg kicks again after they restart and Ortiz lands a right hand. Ortiz shoots and Maria stuffs it. Maria with another right hand that lands. Ortiz can't finish the takedown again. Ortiz with a takedown now and he gets into side control. Ortiz with a few good elbows and Maria explodes back to his feet and they exchange punches with both men landing. Ortiz shoots and it's stuffed again but Maria was cut by those elbows. Ortiz gets the takedown and Maria tries for the arm in guillotine again. 10-9 Ortiz, i guess.

Round 3 - Ortiz hits the quick takedown and has side control. The crowd boos right away. Ortiz is working to find an opening and now he's into mount and he's throwing a good amount of punches. Good elbow and some more punches and Maria looks pretty well done. Big elbows now by Ortiz and he's really dominating now. Maria turns and Ortiz has side control now. Ortiz pouring it on and it's all over. Maria says they were to the back of the head, referee says no, they were legal. Dustin Ortiz wins by TKO (punches), round 3.

Adriano Martins vs. Daron Cruickshank  - Round 1 -Cruickshank circlingwhile Martins walks forward. Martins lands the first solid shot. Martins with another leg kick. Martins with a nice little flurry and Cruickshank is having a little trouble here. Martins with a nice combination and Cruickshank misses a spinning backfist. Left hand by Martins and Cruickshank weakly pulls guard. Martins on top in the half guard. Now he's looking for a kimura and transitioning to an armbar. Martins can't finish and Cruickshank has guard. Martins back to half guard and he's looking for the kimura again but the round ends. 10-9 Martins.

Round 2 - Cruickshank with a body kick and now a head kick that gets caught and Martins takes him down. Big elbow by Martins fromt he top. Martins looking for the kimura again. Martins with a few short punches while holding the arm. Martins turns it into a straight armlock and that'll do it. Adriano Martins wins by submission (straight armlock), round 2.

Thiago Tavares vs. Justin Salas - Round 1 - Tavares picks up Salas and slams him down for a takedown about 90 seconds in. Salas throws some back elbows but Tavares takes the back and starts to land punches. Now the choke is in and Salas taps. Thiago Tavares wins by submission (rear naked choke), round 1.

Thiago Perpetuo vs. Omari Akhmedov - Round 1 - Both guys have good moments throughout a wild round. Perpetuo comes close to finishing a few times before Akhmedov gets up and lands a few big shots that finish the fight. Wild stuff for about three and a half minutes. Omari Akhmedov wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

Godofredo Pepey vs. Sam Sicilia - Round 1 -Pepey with a wild overhand right after Sicilia threw one of his own. Pepey pushing him into the cage. Sicilia reverses a takedown attempt and he's on top landing an elbow. Sicilia standing over hi and landing a bomb. A follow up shot lands hard. Upkick lands for Pepey and Sicilia responds with a flurry of huge shots and it's over. Wow. Sam Sicilia wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

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