UFC Fight Night 32 results: Tavares, Martins, and Ortiz all get finishes on the Facebook prelims

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Check out what wen to down in the opening three fights of Saturday's Fight Night: Goiana event

UFC Fight Night 32 kicked off out of the Goiana Arena in Goiana, Brazil with the preliminary fights on Facebook. The two Lightweight and Flyweight fights that opened the event delivered in action, and a little weirdness. Both Lightweight fights ended in submissions with Thiago Tavares and Adriano Martins locking in a rear naked choke and kimura respectively. Dustin Ortiz got a TKO over Jose Maria despite 2 low blows and a fight ending flurry where almost every blow appeared to land on the back of the head.

Thiago Tavares (17-5-1) vs. Justin Salas (11-4)

Returning from a PED suspension, Lightweight Tavares came back with style against Salas. He pressured for the takedown from the opening bell. Salas tried to defending but was eventually hoisted into the air over Tavares' should and tossed on his back. From there Tavares worked his way into back control where he locked on a rear naked choke to get the submission victory.

Thiago Tavares submits (rear naked choke) Justin Salas at 2:38 of round 1

Adriano Martins (24-6) vs. Daron Cruickshank (13-3)

Starting out the Lightweight fight, Cruickshank moved backward consistently looking to counter and upset Martins' range with his Tae Kwon Do background. Instead, Martins blasted him with a left hand that sent "The Detroit Superstar" to the mat. Daron recovered, but wasn't able to defended against that left hook which landed repeatedly. Martins secured a takedown later in the round and attacked for Cruickshank's arm, but could finish before the round ended. In the second round, he got an early takedown and again almost exclusively went to isolate Daron's left arm. It paid off and he locked on the Kimura midway through the round.

Ariano Martins submits (kimura) Daron Cruickshank at 2:49 of round 2

Dustin Ortiz (11-2) vs. Jose Maria Tome (33-4, 2 NC)

Jose Maria got comfortable early in his Flyweight fight against Ortiz. He opened up throwing spinning strikes and hit an early takedown to work from dominant position. He finished the round working an arm-in guillotine, but started to fade in the second. His level of fatigue definitely could have been exacerbated by the two unpenalized low blows he suffered at the legs of Ortiz. Regardless, Ortiz started to take over late in the second round and in the third he was dominant. He took down Tome early and battered him from top position. 3 minutes into the round, Ortiz got back control and unleashed a flurry of questionably legal blows that caused Tome to cry out and the referee to stop the fight.

Dustin Ortiz TKO's Jose Maria tome at 3:19 of round 3

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