Luke Thomas discriminating

I've been a fan of Luke's for quite a while. He's a good writer and from what I've seen - a pretty good fight predictor.

However, I part company with him regarding some of his comments aimed at Victor Belfort. Time and again he rails about Victor's use of TRT while turning a blind eye to Dan Henderson, Chael Sonnen and many other fighters. Its almost painful to listen to Thomas' tortured logic while he explains the distinctions between Belfort and other TRT using fighters.

The summary of his beef against Victor Belfort boils down to the following three points:

1) Belfort has a ripped physique.

Well, I'd say George St. Pierre and a few others are a bit suspect by that measuring stick.

2) He suddenly pulled off a spinning kick in his fight against Luke Rockholt and his timing was picture perfect in doing so.

To hear Luke Thomas tell it, it's almost an impossible feat for someone in their 30s to learn, let alone to execute during a fight. "Hey I'm in my 30s and sometimes I can't even get out of bed," says Luke. So Luke compares himself to a world class fighter to help him arrive at a conclusion that's obviously intended to diminish Belfort's talents and abilities. Gee, maybe we should award the knockout to TRT! The truth is that world class athletes can and do learn new skills in their 30s, 40's and even 50's. Its not uncommon at all. Because they are exceptional athletes they can apply what they learn rather easily, compared with the rest of the Luke Thomas's out there.

Didn't I recently see Junior Dos Santos pull off a spinning back kick against Mark Hunt a couple of fights ago? Hmmm...never saw him do that before...must be on the juice, ay?

3)Victor Belfort is a Jesus freak.

Boy does that rub Luke the wrong way. That really syncs it, right Luke? A sure fire sign of TRT use is religious fanaticism. Sheesh, I've been following Belfort's career from the beginning. This religious talk is nothing new, and I would add that it's not anything that's exclusive to Victor Belfort.

So what's with all the hate for Victor, Luke? Do tell.

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