Dana White on Bobby Green's fight ending kick: 'I thought it was a clean shot'

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

UFC president Dana White says referee John McCarthy made the right call, but also offers that he wasn't the one getting kicked.

UFC president Dana White had high praise for Bobby Green following his UFC debut against Jacob Volkmann at UFC 156. Green took home Submission of the Night for his efforts, and White commented that the fight was his personal favorite fight on the UFC 156 fight card. Green's second fight with the promotion came on Wednesday's UFC Fight for the Troops 3 card where he met James Krause. After the TKO win, White once again found himself answering questions about Green's performance, but for far different reasons.

30-seconds into the fight, Green landed a direct hit to Krause's groin with a kick. You could hear Green's foot make impact with Krause's cup, and shortly after you could also hear Green tell Krasue "sorry about that."

Krause recovered, and the two went back to throwing strikes, but not for long as Krause took another kick to the groin. The second kick dropped Krause to the mat and earned a point deduction for Green from referee John McCarthy.

Seconds after action resumed Green delivered a kick that dropped Krause. An incredulous Green pointed to Krause, who was facedown on the mat. Referee John McCarthy stepped in and waved the fight off. Joe Rogan repeated "Oh no" multiple times while his commentating partner Mike Goldberg said, "He caught him again, it's over."

The microphone then picked up McCarthy saying the fight was over, and that Green was the winner. The comment seemed to cause some confusion.

McCarthy cleared up that confusion when he knelt next to the still down Krause and told him "That was a legal blow, son. That was a legal blow." Krause responded to the referee's comment by rising up to his knees and practically shouting "What?"

The replay showed that the kick was near the belt line, and McCarthy ruled that Krause dropping to the mat was Krause essentially quitting the fight, giving the TKO victory to Green.

When asked his opinion of McCarthy's ruling at the post-fight press conference, White said, "I thought it was a clean shot. The first two were definitely low. That other one was right on the border. I heard Joe (Rogan) saying the foot hit the cup, it hit the top of the cup. Who knows? I thought it was right on the border. I think that shot was more body that hurt him than the actual cup."

White ended by saying, "but I didn't get kicked either."

In the cage, Green apologized to the crowd and offered to rematch Krause, saying he didn't want the fight to end in the manner that it did.

The TKO win gave Green six straight victories between his time in the UFC and Strikeforce. The loss ended an eight-fight winning streak for Krause.

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