Official Kazushi Sakuraba clothing line from Scramble launches with KS t-shirt

The much beloved 'Gracie Hunter' Kazushi Sakuraba and martial arts fashion brand Scramble release the first official item in their collaboration, available in the UK, USA and the rest of the world now.

For those wanting an MMA related gift to give or receive this holiday season, but are otherwise unsure of what to choose, read on ...

Kazushi Sakuraba has a special place in most MMA fans' hearts who were able to witness his brilliance and fighting spirit during the Pride Fighting Championship heyday. A lot of fans who weren't watching MMA at the time have come to admire 'The Gracie Hunter' thanks to lovingly made highlight videos that have been shared through social media sites like YouTube. Even UFC big dogs Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta have said in the past how much they like Sakuraba as a fighter, with the UFC president occasionally sporting a Sakuraba t-shirt at weigh-ins and sometimes press conferences.

Now for the first time Sakuraba is collaborating with a clothing brand, the high quality martial arts fashion line Scramble, who earlier this year put out an at length video interview conducted with the legend in Japan.

From the official press release:

UK-based martial arts brand Scramble is pleased to announce the first item in their official collaborations with Mixed Martial Arts legend, Kazushi Sakuraba.

This t-shirt boasts super soft washed cotton, a discharge and water based ink print with a number of extras and details.

Kazushi Sakuraba is one of the world's most famous fighters, a man who built his legacy first beating the legendary Gracie family one after the other, and then through a combination of showmanship, creativity and heart, the likes of which is still rarely seen inside the MMA arena today.

This t-shirt is made with the full cooperation of Sakuraba's offices and is available in the US and the UK / Rest of World at the following links:

Scramble Official Kazushi Sakuraba Collaboration Shirt

Scramble Official Kazushi Sakuraba Collaboration Shirt (USA)

Scramble is a martial arts brand based in the UK ( with a dedicated US reseller ( whose aim is to raise the level of the martial arts fashion industry in line with streetwear and casual wear brands worldwide, as well as provide first class technical equipment and apparel to martial artists.

Scramble have kindly provided official photos of the t-shirt being modelled, and they look both artistically beautiful and incredibly cool like many of their designs do, and I would expect these t-shirts are made to the same high standard as the rest of their clothing and merchandise.



Author's disclaimer: This is NOT a paid post, but a little something I've wanted to do to help give back to a fighter who has entertained many but who has not benefited from the MMA boom as some other fighters of his generation have. Sakuraba was an awesome fighter and is an awesome figure in MMA history, someone who I think deserves a place in the UFC Hall of Fame even if he wasn't really a UFC fighter - his UFC Japan tournament win not withstanding.

I personally think encouraging others to send some money his way via purchasing an official t-shirt is the least I can do as an MMA fan who became an MMA writer.

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