UFC Fight Night 31: Kennedy vs. Natal - The Cut List


A few fighters will need a win to stay in the UFC on Wednesday night in Kentucky. Who are they?

There are two UFC events this week, so I'm going with the shortened version of The Cut List for this one. Instead on including the 20-odd fighters that are most likely safe and giving the reasons, I'm just going to name the five that could be in danger of being released. I'm not gonna lie though - I'm surprised it's only five. A quick scroll through the card doesn't exactly reveal a ton of relevant fights, but 18 of the 26 fighters won their last bout and a large portion of them are on multi-fight winning streaks. There's only one fighter making his UFC debut, and that's as a late replacement. So while the card doesn't scream awesome, it's not really that bad at all from a talent perspective.

Okay, let's get on with it.

Likely to be cut with a loss

Neil Magny - A loss would only be his second in a row, which would be less than some guys in the section below if they come up short. But they have reasons to keep them around, and the UFC really doesn't in Magny's case. He's from one of the worst TUF seasons ever, and was handily submitted his last time out. Welterweight is a stacked division, and a decision win on a TUF Finale isn't going to be enough to save him if he loses again. Especially if he gets finished.

Possibly cut with a loss

Colton Smith - As an American TUF winner, he might get more than two straight losses. But the competition is pretty tough at lightweight these days and it's odd that they would match up two fighters they've invested a fair amount of time and money into. Michael Chiesa had two straight finishes before getting submitted by Masvidal. Smith doesn't have that luxury - he just has a boring win over Mike Ricci to his credit, and he was finished by Robert Whittaker. If Chiesa finishes him too, I can definitely see themselves just walking away from Smith and his six-figure contract.

Yves Edwards - I honestly don't want to believe that they'd cut Yves. Remember the whole debacle with the Jeremy Stephens fight, then Edwards knocking him out when he finally got him in the cage? That was magic. But he has lost two straight split decisions since then and a third straight loss would drop him to 4-5 overall in this run. He has a lot of miles on him and is the only fighter on the roster with 20 losses or more. I personally think they keep him around as long as he wants to fight, but who knows these days.

Yancy Medeiros - His UFC debut went badly with the early injury. That was the first loss of his career, if you can call it a real loss. Unless he gets blown out by Edwards he's in a decent position to get another opportunity. As a lightweight though, you can never be sure of anything.

Seth Baczynski - Normally a third straight loss would mean the door for just about anyone. Edwards has his considerable experience and appealing style to hold off the hounds. What does Seth have? Four straight UFC wins before this losing streak started. His knockout loss to Brian Melancon was surprising and a loss to a mid-level talent like Magny would definitely hurt. But his fights are exciting more often than not, and I think he'd get the Dustin Pague-like pass and be allowed to fight once more even with three strikes against him.

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