BECW 7:10 Finals Kerfuffle

Hey guys! I worked Black Friday. And shit-brown thursday. And I work today. And tomorrow. Do me a favor and shop online instead, guys. Kthx.


So! Holy shit you guys it's finals time and we're down to the Disrespectful Pieces of Shit and the 209 Excuse Factory. Allow me to break this shit down with graphics and shit.



Aww yeah, That's right, PREVIEW TIME. So some notes here:

  • Fucking OBP, man. I push for a keeper league for season after season, and the first time it's allowed, he basically keeps his entire team at no fucking penalty, including BECWGOAT Swiftman, former captains SCOTN and forkboy, artistic demigod Grizzlyatoms, and fuck, even 1n87 and gxc are pretty sick picks, if gxc could ever pick consistently well. If he wins, he gets to keep this entire damn team together. Again. Fucker.
  • Newt's team has been nowhere near as consistent, with the exception of the newly banhammer-endowed Pieman and Fedorable. Oh, and Body Triangle, but his consistency isn't the kind you want. Motherfucker needs to play some fantasy tennis or some such shit.
  • Over 9 events, DPoS has averaged a team score right between 3rd and 4th place, whereas the Factory has averaged just above 6th place.
  • DPoS has only two underachievers, both of whom are high-round picks and less than ten slots down from their pick number. 209ers have 4 underachievers, three of whom are more than 20 slots down, one of whom is 9th-round bust (HOW) Body Triangle.
  • Are you getting the idea of how completely dominant this team is? Fuck.

So. Um. Dunno the other matchups. Fuck. Sorry. It'll be on the spreadsheet, though!

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