WSOF 7: Jesse Taylor on fighting a random security guard when his opponent doesn't show up

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World Series of Fighting middleweight tournament contestant, Jesse Taylor shares some wild stories from the course of his MMA career.

World Series of Fighting is putting on their seventh card, and despite their main event having been pulled from the card due to fighter injury, there is still a wealth of quality matches that include a featherweight title fight and the next round of the Middleweight tourney. The picturesque city of Vancouver will be hosting the event, which airs on December 7.

The middleweight tournament has already kicked off, with Dave Branch's defeat of Danillo Villafort. This next round features a very interesting match-up between Elvis Mutapcic and Jesse Taylor. The two were scheduled to meet at WSOF 5, but unfortunate circumstances involving Mutapcic's corner and some heart medication led to it being removed from the card.

Taylor has led a very interesting career, first coming under the MMA microscope with his stint on the seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter. After his release from the UFC, he went on to a very promising career, boasting wins over such names as Chris Camozzi, Drew Fickett, Jason Day, Murilo Bustamante, Tom Watson, Dennis Kang and Kendall Grove. He is currently on a six fight win streak, with his last fight having been in May of this year.

Since Jesse has fought all over the world, under multiple organizational banners, it stands to reason that he would have experienced some zany occurrences. Just look at his cancelled first fight with Mutapcic; he was actually walking out to the cage when the fight was called off. That is one of the milder stories of his travels, though.

I recently spoke with ‘J.T. Money' who detailed a couple other wild stories over the course of his continuing journey in the crazy world of mixed martial arts. From fighting a random 300 pound security guard after his opponent didn't show up, to a horrific fireworks incident at a show in Mexico, Jesse delivers the goods for our readers. Here's what he had to say:

I guess someone had some fireworks, and one guy shot himself in the face with a big one and fell 30 feet out of the stands -Jesse Taylor

At the very beginning of my career, I was fighting in Tijuana, Mexico. It was my second or third fight; such a long time ago. I'm fighting the guy, and somewhere, I hear this explosion, like ‘Bam! Bam! Bam!' I didn't really think anything of it at the time, but when we watched the video of it afterward, you can see the audience turn away during this explosion.

I guess someone had some fireworks, and one guy shot himself in the face with a big one and fell 30 feet out of the stands. I don't know if he survived or died. But yeah, he blew his face off and then fell 30 feet. This was as I was fighting. Everyone stopped watching the fight to see what happened with the guy that fell. I mean, I would be, too [laughs]. It was really crazy. I don't know what ever happened to the guy, but I hope he was alright.

Now, after hearing that story, I couldn't have imagined that he would be able to top it, but he did. We've all heard the stories of the random dude that gets pulled from the audience to do battle with a local fighter on some Indian reservation or other. When I first started covering MMA, we used to joke about it all the time on the first incarnation of my podcast. Jesse has actually been through a similar occurrence when fighting in Panama recently.

In Panama, and this was recently, by the way, I went there to do a seminar. I had just fought Hector Lombard, and I got an offer to do a fight on like two days notice. I was all, ‘Sure, why not.' It was Kenny Powers, bush league style [laughs]. It was hilarious. I fighting that one at Heavyweight. I met my opponent, but when it came to be the day of the fight, they couldn't even find him. Instead, they found a security guard from the venue for me to fight. I swear to God, this guy was 300 pounds. He wasn't that good, but he was a big dude, and I ended up fighting him that night. I felt like Kenny Powers. It definitely made for a good story [laughs]. The funniest part about it, was that it wasn't at the beginning of my career, it was recent. I was already established when it went down. It was a paycheck and it was interesting.

Well ya don't say...

You can watch Jesse against the super tough Elvis Mutapcic on December 7th via NBC Sports channel's coverage of WSOF 7.

You can follow Jesse via his Twitter account, @JTMoneyMMA

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