Pacquiao's Next Fight: Manny targets April or May 2014 return, hopes for Floyd Mayweather bout

Yes, he's still making you hope for that mega-fight. - Victor Decolongon

Manny Pacquiao says his next fight will be around April or May next year, and is still hoping for that long overdue dream fight against Floyd Mayweather.

Following a one-sided decision against Brandon Rios on his comeback fight this past weekend, people are already looking ahead and talking about Manny Pacquiao's next bout. A day after his win, the Filipino congressman is already back in Sarangani province and he addressed questions on his plans.

Pacquiao spoke to ABS-CBN for a brief TV interview, and according to the boxer, his next fight will probably be on the "last week of April or first week of May" next year. Manny also went on to say that while an opponent has yet to be finalized, he is still looking for that long overdue mega-fight and he's "hoping that Floyd Mayweather agrees" to face him.

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They've been doing this dance for a few years now, and even if Manny may legitimately want that fight, there will always be a bunch of hurdles that make it highly unlikely that we see a future Pacquiao vs Mayweather bout. For a quick rundown of those reasons, here's Scott Christ of BadLeftHook explaining why we shouldn't hold our breath:

  1. The promoters for Pacquiao (Top Rank) and Mayweather (himself, alongside Golden Boy Promotions) do not work together. At all.
  2. Mayweather is signed to Showtime Sports, which is a deal that will stretch four more fights. Showtime does basically all of their business with Golden Boy and Mayweather Promotions. HBO does not air fights featuring Golden Boy or Mayweather fighters, or fighters advised by Al Haymon, though Edwin Rodriguez did get a pass on that count recently because Andre Ward needed an opponent. Showtime doesn't work with Top Rank, though they've not stated that they wouldn't. It's just the way it is right now. It's HBO and Top Rank vs Showtime and GBP/Mayweather/Haymon, with fighters promoted by smaller promoters getting in here and there occasionally.

As for his immediate plans, the boxing superstar and politician also said he will be flying out to help out his countrymen who were affected by the typhoon in Samar and other areas in the Visayan islands.

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