Max Nunes: Middleweights' Newest Threat

Max Nunes is a young Swedish fighter who has made his adopted home in Britain. Fighting from New Wave Academy in London, Nunes has become a very hot prospect in the world of MMA. Nunes record currently stands at 11-1 and something I noticed which is highly unheard of in MMA today is that he has a 100 percent stoppage ratio on those Eleven wins, Six by KO/TKO and Five by submission. Since starting his professional MMA path in July 2010 Nunes has had a steady rise in competition with each passing fight. Nunes has fought at Light Heavyweight all of his career thus far and unfortunately in his last fight the strength factor at that weight came into the equation. Nunes fought a very strong, well seasoned veteran in Dutch man Jason Jones, it was a learning curve that has now prompted Nunes to make the drop in weight down to Middleweight. A drop that has vaulted him back into the title picture with British MMA promotion BAMMA.

BAMMA Middleweight Title Opportunity

Nunes had previously lost out on a title bid at Light Heavyweight to the afformentioned Jason Jones, but due to the fact that Nunes is a highly skilled competitor with a bright future and his drop to Middleweight, BAMMA has given Nunes the opportunity to work his way into contention for the Middleweight strap in the future. Before that Nunes has an upcoming fight against the very tough Romanian Ion Pascu. Pascu has fought for BAMMA before on the undercard of BAMMA 13, the same card that the Nunes vs Jones fight took place on. Pascu was victorious in that fight defeating former BAMMA British Middleweight Title holder Jack Marshman by a strong left hand followed by some ground strikes at the end of the First. Pascu is a short stocky southpaw, which Nunes should be able to take full advantage of with his strong right hand and 6'4 frame. I noticed in Nunes last fight he was trying a lot of front kicks, I think against the much shorter Pascu these could pay dividends in helping him deafeat the scrappy Romanian.

What Nunes Needs to do to Make it to the UFC

Max Nunes, as with any professional MMA fighter would one day like to fight for the UFC. After all when the majority of MMA fighters first started fighting pro, the epitomy of MMA was being in the UFC and their goal was to reach that promotion at some point. Nowadays things haven't changed much and the best fighters end up finding their way into the UFC. With Alexander Gustafsson flying the flag for Sweden and the UFC finding a very good audience there, surely it's only a matter of time before we see Nunes competing in the Octagon. Nunes is still a little inexperienced but as with anything the more fights under his belt against better competition he will gain that experience, after all Nunes is only Three years and Four months into his pro MMA career. I think his problem in his last fight (being out strengthed by Jones) will have been addressed by his weight cut, which hopefully, given his size at the weight, will make him a lot stronger than his opponents. He uses his kicks, punches and clinch work well and has brutal ground and pound, which overwhelms his opponents more often than not. His submission game is solid in the offense but could do with a little sharpening after his last fight but other than that, Nunes looks like he is on his way to becoming one of Swedens' top fighters, ney Europes' top fighters and I'm sure at some point in the not to distant future we shall see him kicking ass in the UFC.

Max Nunes Highlight Video Here

You Can Follow Max on Twitter here

Written by Ryan Naylor MMA enthusiast/predictor and writer

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