Glory 12 New York live on Spike preview, results, discussion, live fight coverage November 23

Giorgio Petrosyan vs Hafid El Boustati, Glory 7 - Ben Pontier/GLORY

Get live fight coverage right here as Glory returns to Spike TV for Glory 12 New York, featuring Giorgio Petrosyan in a lightweight tournament this Saturday November 23. Bloody Elbow has full fight coverage of Glory 12 New York, including results and discussion, right here.

Saturday November 23, Bloody Elbow presents live fight coverage of Glory 12 New York, live on Spike TV. Glory 12 New York airs live on Spike this Saturday, November 23 with a fight time of 9:00 p.m. ET. Bloody Elbow will have live fight coverage, including results and discussion, right here.

Saturday night, I will be live at the event, providing live results and tweets of all the action. Follow along at @FCoffeen for all the updates. And for those interested, yes, this should end before Pacquiao and Rios hit the ring.

This is the second Glory event to be broadcast on Spike, and if the first event was any indication, this one is can't miss. Glory's Spike debut from Chicago was a tremendous event, filled with action-packed fights and a great underdog storyline in the Heavyweight tournament. This time out, you have another tournament taking center stage as the Lightweights see action. This is particularly notable because of one name - Giorgio Petrosyan. Petrosyan is the clear-cut #1 pound for pound kickboxer in the world. He's the sport's Floyd Mayweather, without the massive ego and mouth. Petrosyan is an absolute clinician and a thrill to watch. It will be a treat to see him live on Spike. Looking to take him off his throne will be Andy Ristie, Robin van Roosmalen, and Davit Kiria - all top 5 fighters who bring the action and are know for their explosive fights. This should be a great tournament.

More Glory 12 coverage from Bloody Elbow

Also on the Spike card is Joe Schilling vs. Wayne Barrett in a quality fight between two of the best from the US, and Jamal Ben Saddik vs. Ben Edwards in one of those Heavyweight slobberknockers that should just be a lot of fun.

Glory is firing on all cylinders right now, with great event after great event. Let's hope they keep the momentum going Saturday night with Glory 12 New York, live from the Theater at Madison Square Garden, and live on Spike TV.

Join us here at Bloody Elbow for Glory 12 New York live on Spike with results, discussion, and live fight coverage this Saturday, November 23.

LIVE RESULTS FROM MSG (More on Twitter @FCoffeen):

Spike TV Card:

Andy Ristie def. Robin van Roosmalen KO R2 1:45 to win the Glory 12 tournament. What an incredible performance from Ristie.

Wayne Barrett def Joe Schilling via UD - 28-26 x3 Incredible fight here and an absolute war. 3 knockdowns, all action. Great stuff. Schilling looked absolutely done in R2 but gutted through; Barrett looked absolutely done in R3 but gutted through. What a fight.

Ben Edwards def Jamal Ben Saddik KO R3 2:52 - Edwards likely needed the stoppage and he got it with a late all-out assault. Wow. Maybe a bit sloppy at times, but the finish makes up for it.

Ky Hollenbeck def Warren Stevelmans UD 30-26 x 3 - Kind of an ugly fight at times with a lot of clinching, but who cares: GIORGIO PETROSYAN LOST.

Andy Ristie def. Giorgio Petrosyan KO R3 0:43. I can't even believe I just typed that.

Robin van Roosmalen def. Davit Kiria UD 29-28 x3 As expected, a close, brutal fight. Very tough to call. Both men are great and looked terrific here. I had it 29-28 Kiria, but I am OK with the call. Robin is going to be hurting in the finals.

Superfight Series:

Artem Vakhitov def Nenad Pagonis UD 29-28 x3. Super close fight and tough to score. Both men looked good in a tight battle.

Brian Collette def Warren Thompson KO R1 1:03 - Head kick KO, Cro Cop style, and done. Beautiful violence. Best part was that it came while both men were in close battling on the inside. What a KO.

Jhonata Diniz def. Igor Jurkovic KO R1 - Jurkovic looked good at first, but got too wild and Diniz dropped him. Igor never recovered as Diniz poured on the pressure until the KO.

Francois Ambang def Eddie Walker KO R3 1:40 - Walker is tough as nails, but has to improve his legkick defense. Tough night for him as Ambang just beat him up with kicks.

Saulo Cavalari def. Mourad Bouzidi KO R1 - Horrific KO here that put Bouzidi down and out. He was out cold, stiff and unmoving, but was able to eventually get to his feet and leave under his own power. Never seen the tough Bouzidi down like that. Huge win for Cavalari in a scary moment.

Thiago Michel Silva def Paul Marfort UD 29-28 x3. Very close, even fight, but Thiago had a bit more down the stretch. Lots of flashy techniques from Thiago too - axe kick, jump switch kick, spinning backlist...


Casey Greene def. John King via KO R1 2:59 - Nasty body shots and knees from Greene who overwhelms King for the stoppage.

Niko Tsigaras def Dominick Biondo KO R1 1:30 - Crisper technique and clean shots drop Biondo 3 times. Nice work from Tsigaras.

John Bowman def. Villi Bello KO R3 2:50 - Great performance from Bowman, a Ray Longo trainee. He looked terrific here.

Alexy Filyakov def. Mohamed Fanzy KO R1 - Fanzy dropped Filyakov, but Filyakov got to his feet and came back with a fury, scoring the brutal KO seconds later.

Anna Shearer def. Andrea D'Angelo by UD - Missed most of this one, sorry.


Airing on Spike TV:

Joe Schilling vs. Wayne Barrett

Semi-final: Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Andy Ristie

Semi-final: Robin van Roosmalen vs. Davit Kiria


Reserve: Ky Hollenbeck vs. Warren Stevelmans

Jamal Ben Saddik vs. Ben Edwards

Superfight Series (not airing on Spike):

Paul Marfort vs. Thiago Michel Silva

Artem Vakhitov vs. Nenad Pagonis

Brian Collette vs. Warren Thompson

Igor Jurkovic vs. Jhonata Diniz

Francois Ambang vs. Eddie Walker

Saulo Cavalari vs. Mourad Bouzidi

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